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Northwestern Mailbag Call?!?!?

You probably have questions. We don’t have answers, but we’ll sure yell things at you.

2021 Big Ten Football Media Day
when u see a union journalist at ur presser
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

One of us is a Northwestern lifer. The other came into that fandom in college.

One of us is an alumnus. The other is the rarest of breeds, the Subway ‘Cat.

One of us has a child. The other is a child.

One of us likes Malort. The other loves Malort.

You might have questions about the 2021 Northwestern Wildcats! (That’s OK—we do, too!) This is a safe space to ask any of those questions you’re too scared to tweet at Darren Rovell or don’t want to be talked down to about by a Medill grad.

Maybe you’re curious about our favorite Northwestern win of the last decade. (You’re not.)

Maybe you’d like to know where LPW used to do his drinking in Greater Evanston (that includes Chicago, which is naturally Northwestern’s territory) or the perils of producing offspring.

Maybe you want to learn more about the ins and outs of Quiz Bowl and just how bad MNW was at it.

Maybe it’s none of those. But you should ask anyway!

So fire away! We’ll try to get these—mined from first-order comments or twitter replies—compiled by Wednesday morning and answered by Thursday afternoon or so. No question—except that other guy or gal’s—is too dumb, no inquiry too unappreciated. People are talking about Northwestern football, we’re told!

We’re so sorry.

Fire away.