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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

In which we discover how many Busch Lights it takes to get through a half of El Assico

Welcome back to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking, where the OTE “writers” let you know what they’re doing for game day.

I was looking at the schedule of games this week, and on paper El Assico is far and above the most interesting matchup. Since we all know it’s actually going to end in a 10-6 puntathalon, so lets just get right into it and see what people are drinking to make it seem fun:


I’ll be getting up early to watch West Ham, then I’ll be packing all day getting ready to move in a couple weeks. I’ll be drinking the rest of the beers I got in a trade with Thumpasaurus, and I’ll probably pull a couple of ribeyes out of the freezer to sous vide.


I’ll be at home in Chicago this week with my family, enjoying some Revolution Brewing IPAs and also some whiteclaws


I’m on child duty this weekend, so I’ll be at home catching whatever glimpse of the game I can while three boys seven and younger run around destroying my house. Maybe this weekend they won’t try to find new and inventive ways to kill themselves.


I’ll be having fun as a I begin the process of finishing my basement. That’s not sarcasm either. Power tools. Beer. Football. The. It’s gonna be great. That means I should have my man-shit high going strong by the time that Indiana comes on at 7:30. My buddy and I will probably watch a lot of the Oregon game at noon too. As far as the booze….probably try to get down to the Cartridge Factory and get some of its knockoff corona. Shits good. See if they have some Oktoberfest special too. Support local breweries.

Green Akers

Inspired by BuffKomodo’s plans, I have mentally declared my intentions to finally finish painting the guest bedroom. It’s just a ceiling, man. It should not have been free to mock me with its incompleteness so long, and yet gestures in Ennui

So this means I’ll be home in metro Detroit, ideally watching a non-competitive walkthrough and learning the details of the second and third levels of the Spartan depth chart. Also, Thumpasaurus and I will continue our front row observation of DCFC’s campaign of intergalactic domination from Historic Keyworth Stadium. You either sing for City, or you’re shit. Sorry, but them’s the rules.


We’re gonna get fucking waxed in Charlottesville so i don’t know if that means I should drink everything or nothing

High School QB

I will be at Ames again for El Assico, drinking Busch Light because that’s what an Iowa-Iowa State game calls for.


I will be at Historic Gopher Football Stadium named after a bank to watch the showdown with the “mighty” Miami Hydroxide. Once again, Grain Belts will probably be consumed.


I’ll either be in the hotel or at Beaver Stadium, depending on the wife’s level of interest. If the former, it’s a White Claw weekend. If I go to the game, I dunno, probably one or two brews before it starts.

Brian B2

I will be back at trusty 7 Locks Brewing. I probably won’t be drinking much, as is often the case, familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps I’ll fill a Nalgene with blueberry Burnettes vodka and Lime LaCroix, because I love pain. I will make a Maryland game this year, hell or high water, but taking off for Howard didn’t seem like the move.


Back in the woods of northwestern Wisconsin, hanging with a couple friends and their newborn son. The gals have said they’ll go into town during the start of football, so we each might have a beer while I piss and moan about Indiana State before he reciprocates for an...Eastern Michigan-wisconsin night game? On second thought, maybe during that one we’ll work in a sunset cruise around the lake. Beer will be various offerings from an Uncommon Loon (Chicago City) Apricot Wheat to a Fair State Coop Side Pull. Nothing too hefty on what’s shaping up to be one of the last nice weekends of summer.


I‘m hoping to catch most of the game, but will be heading to a colleague’s house later in the afternoon for a department cookout. Here’s hoping the game is good enough that I’ll want to occasionally check the score— but if it isn’t, the wood-fired pizza will be a nice consolation. I’m not sure what beers will be on hand, but a backyard pizza and beer sounds like a great Saturday, no matter what the details.

RU in VA

Saturday’s game is a nice 2PM-er. Always fun to see if Syracuse gets crushed - their fans are always Premium Polaner Jelly about any success Rutgers has. I’ll probably start working on the All Day IPAs and the Light Hearted Bell’s Ales that have been waiting for a mid-afternoon 70 degree day.

Brian Gillis

I’ll have to settle for being in the Big House in spirit only this weekend. In body, I’ll be in Redondo Beach … on the beach. Drinking? Well, I just found out that this exists:


This Saturday is the latest in a Purdue tradition: Purdue’s annual road game on a TV channel that I don’t have. So that means I’m either headed to a bar in Cincinnati that shows murders on TV or finding a family or friends place to show up at uninvited. Probably the latter. Which means I’ll be drinking whatever beer they have and assisting with whatever home improvement project they have going on this weekend.


I’ll be hanging right here in Denver. There is football to be watched and video games to be played. I don’t have time for all that “traveling around” rigmarole. I have enough trouble acting like a grownup when I’m sober. Alcohol + Michigan football = jail time.


Let’s see... I’ll be watching this from the couch, in sweltering Austin, TX. After last weekend where I was left without AC, it’s time to sit inside and not melt and watch Nebraska also try to not melt down. I’m thinking only one of us is going to be successful. I’ll be smoking some stuffed poblanos, cheddar jalapeno sausages, and maybe a pork butt if I get to the store.


I’ll be spending my last “free” (i.e., there aren’t 50 things scheduled) before my wedding in Greensboro, NC. I’ll be spending most of it doing outdoors-y stuff like mowing and picking figs, but when it’s game time I’ll be...watching? I guess? No idea what time games are this weekend, but I’ll have some water, maybe some kombucha, and hopefully something pumpkin.

Dead Read

I will be in beautiful downtown Lincoln. I’ll be doing my usual thing.

All right everyone, you know the drill. Head down to the comments and let us know what you’re eating and drinking. Happy Friday.