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Big Ten Football 2021 Week 2 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Featuring Big Ten Cupcake Week Breakdown!

You thought I’d given up, didn’t you?

Well, not an unreasonable thing to think, given that Illinois is right back on track to go 2-10 like I predicted. But when I was well aware of the risk of getting MEEP MEEP’d, how upset can I really be?

Well, find out by listening to the Week 1 recap on Off Talkle Empire!

There we go. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk about Virginia. Illinois is 2-0 against Virginia with both wins coming in bowl games. Wanna talk about some rotten luck for matchups? Virginia caught the 1989 and 1999 editions of Illinois, which are two of only five Fighting Illini teams to win seven games in the regular season in my lifetime (1989).

This year’s Illini certainly don’t look the part of the Jeff George-led ‘89 squad that started by taking down #5 USC on the road and finished #10 in the country. They certainly don’t look like the Kurt Kittner team of a decade later either. Is Art Sitkowski the next Illini quarterback to get drafted? Find out by listening to our Week 2 Preview!

Oh right, the infographics. Yep, I made them.

I literally cannot believe anyone is still going to games in Champaign, even as I still have plans to go next week.