B1G Survivor 2021 Week 3

A true bromance. - Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

With Week 2 in the B1G being littered with cupcake matchups, the prevailing thought was that there would be minimal eliminations, and thatś exactly what we saw. We had the opposite of the famous line from the movie, ¨Wargames¨--the only losing move was not to play. We started the week with 84 players remaining. 76 of those 84 made selections, and all 76 moved on.

Here is the list of remaining players, along with the teams they have picked so far:

87 RAS (Neb, Nw)

ajcuster (Iowa, Pur)

andronfire (Neb, MSU)

ArrowZeppelin (Neb, Minn)

AZBadger03 (Rut, Pur)

badgersrox (Mich, Wis)

BanTheDH (Neb, Pur)

beezer07 (Pur, Nw)

boilerlion31 (Neb, Pur)

boilermaker5 (Neb, Mary)

BoilerUP89 (Neb, Pur)

Broated Nut.....(Ill, Rut)

bronzedgopher (Neb, Pur)

Cardina1 (Neb, Pur)

Chesty McRock...(Rut, Nw)

CuscagoTy (Neb, Pur)

Damien Henning (Neb, Nw)

David_Anderson (Neb, Pur)

Dead Read (Neb, Mary)

dlrhawks (Neb, Mary)

duck (Rut, Mary)

fdlbadger (Neb, Pur)

FFXlion (Neb, Pur)

g0purdu3 (Neb, Pur)

gkgize@gmail...(Neb, Pur)

gschu (Neb, Mary)

GTom (Rut, Mary)

Hawk Heaven (Neb, Pur)

He was a high....(Neb, Mary)

Hollywood Hawk...(Neb, Pur)

Hoosiers 47 (Neb, Pur)

Houston Boiler (Neb, Pur)

Houtzy (Neb, MSU)

HoyaGoon (Neb, Pur)

huskerdenton (Neb, Mary)

IronMonkee (Neb, Nw)

JayMPSU (Neb, Pur)

Justin Maz (Neb, Mary)

Land of Sky Blue...(Neb, Pur)

LL Sota (MSU, Pur)

Louis Street (Neb, Pur)

Lump Of Clay (Neb, Nw)

mbailey71 (Neb, Mary)

mcammer64 (Neb, Pur)

MDPrideinMA (Neb, Pur)

Michael.Vinters (Neb, Pur)

Misdreavus79 (Neb, Pur)

MNWildcat (Neb, Nw)

Mr.Grizz (Neb, Pur)

NorthandSouth.....(Neb, Nw)

Nick Leivers (Neb, Nw)

nothsa (Rut, Nw)

NU06er (Neb, Mary)

NUDave (Ill, Pur)

oldfatbaldguy (Neb, Mary)

prairiedogsharp....(Neb, Nw)

rich 52K (Neb, Nw)

riclang (Neb, Mary)

RockyMtnBlue (Neb, Mary)

RTVF82 (Neb, Ind)

rutgersmikey (Rut, Mary)

rutgersmill..... (Neb, Pur)

scarlet pimp... (Neb, MSU)

Schmolik64 (Neb, Mary)

Sportsavenue (Neb, Pur)

StateOfRutgers (Neb, Nw)

tech 01 (Neb, Ind)

theguyfrom.... (Neb, Mary)

TransientBuck.... (Neb, Pur)

vaudvillain (Neb, Minn)

Viceroy Fizz.... (Neb, Nw)

waw (Neb, Mary)

wesd2005 (Neb, Pur)

whipples (Neb, Nw)

winless (Neb, Pur)

wisclonesin (Neb, Pur)

In the coming weeks, I´ll also start including the teams you´ve picked against, but I'm too lazy and hungover to do that this morning.

Here is the Week 3 Schedule. All games are on Saturday unless otherwise noted

Maryland @ Illinois (Friday)

Nebraska @ Oklahoma

Cincinnati @ Indiana

MSU @ Miami (FL)

NIU @ Michigan

Minnesota @ Colorado

Purdue @ Notre Dame

Tulsa @ Ohio St

Kent St @ Iowa

Delaware @ Rutgers

Northwestern @ Duke

Auburn @ Penn St

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