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Come for the paycheck, stay for the Go-Go: A Maryland-Howard Recap

Larry31 doing the Lord’s work by educating us all on the latest Terp triumph—and finding something more exciting than a 62-0 pasting.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 11 Howard at Maryland Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A local HBCU, Howard University, got paid to get their asses kicked, and MD paid for a win.

I left after the third quarter because the game was boring.

Maryland was winning 55-0.

After 3 quarters, MD had almost 500 yards of offense and Howard had less than 100 yards of offense, including only 24 yards of rushing.

For the Terrapins, this is like an NFL preseason game. Your 2-deep and 3-deep players get a lot of burn, but you will learn nothing about how good or bad the team is.

However, allowing only 24 yards of rushing through 3 quarters is promising given that this has been a problem for Maryland since joining the B1G.

Reece Udinski, the grad transfer QB from VMI, looked sharp when he replaced Taulia. That’s a promising sign, also.

On to the interesting stuff:

The halftime show included Howard’s marching band taking the field with Maryland’s marching band. They played back up to the Go-Go band, Critical Condition Band:

For the uninitiated, Go-Go is the official music of Washington, D.C., and good old Wikipedia does a nice job explaining Go-Go music. It is most assuredly not played at the hoity-toity political cocktail parties in DC. The average go-go band has about 10 members and is percussion heavy, with usually two drummers.

In technical terms, “go-go’s essential beat is characterized by a five through four syncopated rhythm that is underscored prominently by the bass drum and snare drum, and the hi-hat... [and] is ornamented by the other percussion instruments, especially by the conga drums, rototoms, and hand-held cowbells.” Being more of a STEM guy, and musically illiterate, I have no idea what that sentence means.

Two other observations:

  • Jakorian Bennett has two INTs in two games. JuCo transfer. Locksley seems to be getting as much talent from JuCos as from the transfer portal.
  • TE Chig Okonkwo has two TD receptions in two games. Last year, MD’s tight ends, with Chig sitting out for medical reasons, had 1 catch all season. Definitely an added dimension to their offense.

Up next: vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (Friday, 8pm ET)