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Adjusting Our Outlook As Iowa Becomes The Big Ten Football Front Runner: Week 2 In Review

How in the hell did we get here?

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Twelve Big Ten teams won in Week 2, with only the standard-bearers for greatness and futility picking up losses. Illibuck aside, we have questions on week 2, and most of them have answers!

  • Is Illinois doomed to two years of purgatory or should we expect more?
  • How different is 2021 for Bret Bielema from 2016 for Lovie Smith, and where can he distinguish himself?
  • Did I grow up enough to not make a Penix joke, or is there just not much to say about beating Idaho?
  • Who had the most impactful blowout win over a tomato can?
  • How did Minnesota get so close to losing this game despite dominating on offense throughout?
  • Not to take away from Rutgers, but what the hell happened to Dino Babers?
  • Is this Rutger defense for real?
  • Does it matter if Michigan doesn’t pass the ball? Do we know that they can’t?
  • A very disturbing ALLEGED report on the state of the defense on the Ohio State sideline
  • Can any Big Ten teams use the rubric Oregon used to boatrace the Buckeyes?
  • Are we ready to put Iowa in the driver’s seat? How far can they take their performative demonstration of the futility of offense?
  • The definitive guide to how to talk about Top Five Iowa
  • A hound dog snores loudly through our recap of El Assico!