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Auburn Doesn’t Know...But Other Teams Could Tell ‘Em

Penn State University vs University of Illinois Set Number: X81132 TK1 R6 F71

In honor of the upcoming whiteout and the surprise in store for our SEC visitor, I channeled my inner Midwesterner. Although I’m from State College, PA and will probably do a terrible job of it (am I doing this right MNW?).

The crux of the story is that Auburn University will come to Happy Valley to play football against Penn State on Saturday. Our beloved Nittany Lion faithful arranged for a traditional big game atmosphere for Auburn.

It’s a whiteout.

And that’s a hard concept to understand. Particularly if your usual opponents’ fans only show up for 2 12 quarters, dressed in ties and straw boaters.

This...isn’t like that.

In the spirit of fair competition, I thought I’d try to help fill in some of the gaps on what they should expect on Saturday.

And since they will get to hear lots of tunes in the stadium, I figured we could start there. So, this is set to a funny little punk ditty...

Scotty Doesn’t Know” from the movie Eurotrip.

Not well, But I’m no musician. And that’s punk rock, bitches.

Go eat some hot dish.

Auburn Doesn’t Know...

Auburn doesn’t know...that it doesn’t snow...on White Out Saturday

Auburn doesn’t know...that the B1G plays...a different kind of football

Auburn doesn’t know...but Notre Dame could tell them

Auburn doesn’t know...that this game is bigger than...any other Saturday.

and Auburn doesn’t know...that things can get...weird in Beaver Stadium.

Auburn doesn’t know...but Michigan could tell them.

Auburn doesn’t know...that we like to sing...a sweet song every game.

They think this makes us soft...but they don’t understand...107,000 strong

Auburn doesn’t know...but Illinois could tell them

Auburn doesn’t know...We Are the reason...Game Day is happening

They think they have a chance...but they never play...In front of this many maniacs

Auburn doesn’t know...but Ohio State could tell them

Auburn Doesn’t Know

Auburn Doesn’t Know

Your Friend,