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Where We Be What We Be Drinking: Week 3

We go places, we drink things. Let’s find out what places we go to and what we drink.

I’ve been packing for a move all day, and I’m putting this together pretty late. I still have to photoshop the map together, so I’ll keep this part short this week.

What are our “writers” up to this weekend:


I still have more packing to do tomorrow, so I’ll probably order some tacos and drink some of the beer I’ve been saving for a rainy day. A quick inventory of my pantry indicates I’ve got a bottle of Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove I got from Thumpasaurus, a 2017 Bourbon Biggie S’Mores from Three Notch’d, a 2015 Anniversary Barleywine from Pro Re Nata and various vintages of CBS. I probably can’t drink all of this, but I don’t think I want to move all of it halfway across the country so it will be a game time decision which bottles I actually drink.


I’ll be watching at home, going wild with three different seltzer flavors this time! One of them is caffeinated, because this old man can’t stay up past 10 anymore.

Big Red Twice

Oh boy, Nebraska and Oklahoma? I think I’ll start off the game at my book club, drinking coffee and talking about all things not-football. Then, I’ll take advantage of the slowdown in Lincoln traffic that occurs during games to run some errands and try not to think about what’s happening in Norman.


I’ll be hosting Auburn fans at the house in extreme NE Florida. They are my wife’s friends and co-workers. I may be in hell. The good news is, they bring good booze. My night will begin with an excellent bottle of Elouan pinot noir...but will devolve to bourbon by the end. Manhattans if we are winning. Rocks if we aren’t.


I’ll be watching from my couch, probably enjoying some coffee or Cherry Coke Zero. And in a completely unrelated note, a blessed fuck off and die to everyone who hasn’t been taking precautions and has allowed this pandemic to continue. Thank you so much for your efforts to fight against science, and I applaud your work in discouraging me from taking my kids to their first road game in Boulder. Bless your hearts, each and every one of you.

High School QB

After three consecutive weeks of going to live games, I’ll be at home in central Iowa watching Maryland put up 700 yards passing on Illinois Friday night and then hopefully laughing at your teams when they lose Saturday. (except Purdue, beat those domers!!) Depending on how the game is going Friday, I’ll either have a Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic or Evan Williams on ice.


There was a small part of me that thought to myself, “a short drive to Dallas to pick up a friend and a shorter drive to Norman to watch Nebraska in a near-ish location sounds fun”. But, you know, then I remembered watching your team get murdered at an opponents stadium isn’t like, fun. I’ll be here in Austin, probably drinking coffee, definitely eating migas, and debating whether or not I actually enjoy football.


I will be in beautiful Chicago finally taking my wife there to do all the tourist things near the Loop. I have no idea what I’m gonna be drinking on, but malört will probably be among them. Fortunately, if this is anything like the last time we played a team that could throw the ball, it won’t take up very much of my Friday. 15 minutes tops.


It is Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. Thursday I’ll be watching little dogs run in hotdog costumes during work hours. It’s not relevant to the article here, I just like mentioning it. The last 2 times I’ve been to Oktoberfest downtown, they’ve had big TVs and had the UC game on them. I plan on being down there around 11 to ensure that is still going on, should it not be, I’ll simply watch the game on my phone while getting my buzz on before I have to go home and watch 2 little yay-hoos later that night.

RU in VA

I’m going to a real life garden party, hopefully after watching Rutgers stomp a mudhole in Delaware. Who am I kidding, they’ll win by 3 after being down 21 in the first half. But - this event Saturday night - the dress code is straight out of The Office. “Upscale garden party” is on the invitation, and it’s at a “farm brewery”. I will probably get hammered on some sort of 8% IPA and bid on some silent auction item I don’t need like Washington Football Team tickets. In all seriousness, it’s for the best cause - finding a way to get hungry kids some food.


I will be home with my family like I have for almost everyday for over 18 months. Nothing ever changes. Seasons come and go, tides rise and fall, vaccines are developed, tested, with, and get ignored, yet the pandemic remains. Time is flat circle. I will be drinking beer.

Green Akers

Home for the game, continuing to Embrace The Process of getting the guest bedroom completed before, during and after MSU’s trip to Miami. Would be a shame if they played a competitive enough game for me to put that project aside once again. Feels like a rum and Coke Zero type of weekend.

Dead Read

I will be in Beautiful Downtown Lincoln, watching the game with the nephews - insisting Nebraska was good once.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend enjoying the final weeks of summer hoping the Wolverines don’t look past Northern Illinois. And drinking? Doubling down on Gilly’s.


Saturday, I’ll try to drink enough to numb the pain of losing to ND. Although I’ve been avoiding crowds for the most part as Ohio embraces being the fast growing COVID case state in the nation BuffKomodo’s plans have almost inspired me to head downtown for Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. Maybe I’ll go and stick to the edges of the event - which while not as fun still gives me access to good beer, German food, & German music.


I’ve determined I’ll go to the ESPN Gameday set to watch, masked, from a respectable distance. Afterwards, it’s back to the house in Lebanon. First Saturday there, going to have plenty of work. Game time should see me in the pizza joint right down the road, as my TV won’t show up for a little bit.

Candystripes For Breakfast

It’s a bit delayed from its normal late July/early August time slot, but GenCon is happening once again in Indianapolis this year, so that’s where I’ll be for a large portion of Saturday. Maybe I’ll check the IU-Cincy score if it’s convenient, but probably not.


I will be in suburban Minneapolis, thank goodness, with nothing more strenuous than mowing the lawn Saturday morning on the docket. Wife is at work, so I’ll probably make a Lotzza Motzza pizza and tuck into the various beer I’ve been storing up: a strawberry lemon saison and a juicy IPA from Brew D’Etat (Burnsville), a Jamaican rum punch-inspired sour from Junkyard Brewing (Moorhead), then an Oktoberfest from a Twin Cities Brewery to Be Determined on Friday — if you have hot takes or thoughts, MSP folks, let me know where I should stop on Friday afternoon for a pint and some to-go.

Alright nerds, now head down to the comments and share your weekend plans. Happy Friday.