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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 1

Football is back, baby!

Football is back, and so is Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the weekly segment where your favorite OTE “writers” share what they’ll be eating and drinking for game day.

We’re all very excited for the return of college football and all it entails: The tradition (increasingly unrealistic expectations of success), the spectacle (perverse pre-game war rallies), the pageantry (hearing Sheck Wes after every first down). It’s all back and we couldn’t be happier!

Let’s go around the country and see what everyone is doing. As the designated map-maker guy, I’ll go first:


I’ll be at home watching football all day long, wrangling a couple of two year olds and trying to make chili with some wild boar that’s been sitting in my freezer for a while. Not sure if it will be any good, but we’ll find out! I’m moving back to Iowa in a few weeks so I’ll be slowly trying to drink down what’s left of my beer supply so I don’t have to move it across the country with me. First up is a case of Spotted Cow that I forgot I had.


Will be at MD/WVU. They’ve also conveniently given us a 330 kickoff so I can get sufficiently hammered in likely 90 degree heat. Hitting up a new tailgate club tailgate that weekend to see how it goes, mostly because the menu is transitioning from breakfast to a pizza oven someone is bringing on a trailer to use.


Friday night I’ll be at home in Chicago with my family, and I’ll make sure to be drinking some fresh revolution brewing or half acre IPAs.

High School QB

I’ll be in Ames watching future B1G team Iowa State take on UNI. I have one kid and a bunch of money attending each of these schools. I’ll be drinking whatever is free at a tailgate I’m heading to, probably Busch Light because Iowa.


Thursday night I’ll be at the movies until probably 8, so I’ll catch up with a couple Yuenglings. Saturday, I have to attend a high school conditioning event, but upon return (30 minutes prior to kick off of the real game), I’ll be shoving Sam Adams Oktoberfest into my face. Last year I blacked out on opening week. This year? We’ll see!


Friday I’ve got a family event, so I’ll be back in the ol’ stomping grounds at my folks’ place drinking a lot of local beer (I’m thinking a sampler pack of Bauhaus as of right now) and making pleasant conversation while sneaking off every 5 minutes to “go to the bathroom”. The next day I get to leave it all behind and head up to the greater Spooner, WI, area for a weekend of swimming at the cabin and drinking Round Man Brewing Co. and Perlick Distillery vodka at night. FOOTBALL!

RU in VA

I have two soccer tournaments this weekend, one in MD, and one in Northern VA - for two different kids. Four games Saturday, four Sunday. This is the apocalypse. I’m gonna need a breather on Saturday, but I’ve really been into Starr Hill’s Ramble On Juicy IPA lately and these Basil Melon seltzers from Wild Basin.


Saturday I’ll be in Floyd, VA, escaping the insane heat, and practicing my mindfulness/wellness/yoga at the yoga jam festival there. I’m not sure what I’ll be drinking, but I know I’ll be camping and carrying on the OTE Writer tradition of not actually being able/choosing not to watch any of the relevant football games.


Thursday I will be at Historic TCF Bank Huntington Bank Gopher Football Stadium to watch Ohio State put on a clinic. Grain Belt and Jameson will attempt to help me avoid thinking about what’s happening. And then I have no idea what or where I’m going to do this weekend. I’m capable of being a leaf in the wind, going and doing whatever I’d like. Maybe I’ll find another football game to go to. Maybe I’ll just work on improving my ass imprint on my couch. Maybe I’ll play a ton of rounds of golf if the weather cooperates. Only time and my level of ambition will tell.

Andrew K

I will be present at Ryan Field with Thumpasaurus and my crew of degenerates, starting a weekend in Chicago with heavy, heavy in-game gambling on Michigan State-Northwestern. God have mercy on our souls.

The Off Tackle Empire Podcast Tour Bus will see you in Evanston


I will be in Lincoln-ish, trying to get some work done earlier in the day so I can enjoy a BBQ in the evening. It’s Nebraska, and it’s Fordham, and we might actually lose, so I’m going to keep a wary eye on this one while remaining emotionally distant from it. I’ll be drinking coffee, because it’s at 11 am.

Dead Read

I will be in beautiful downtown Lincoln. I will be eating Mexican food and viewing the first full football Saturday from my favorite chair. I’ve been looking forward to this.


I actually have a rare Saturday off from slinging beer. I keep mulling over the idea of actually attending the game, but I am a Maryland fan and we don’t attend games lol. If I do go, I will probably kick back some sort of sessionable IPA, so as not to yell at the tens of thousands of WVU fans in a drunken rage. If I don’t go, a hike and some sort of brewery visit is probably in order, then home to drink whatever free shit I have in the fridge on the couch as I watch a terrible football game. At least we will be wearing reasonable jerseys for one week this year!


I will be in the Boston area, drinking seltzer for the most part.


Primanti Bros. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America! I’ve enlisted the driving “skills” of my technically adult child, so the beer is gonna flow like wine. Leaning toward a Leinenkugel as a tip of the hat to our Badger friends, followed by a couple Yuenglings and whatever Troegs are available.


the question is this

what will i not be drinking in the general vicinity of ryan field?

we’re two dudes (along with a larger posse) living in the detroit area. we’ll be in a metro area with public transit. the beer will flow like victoria falls

i apologize to mr. field in advance for my state upon arriving.

i know how much it bothers ryan when his guests are rowdy.


I’ll be in Ann Arbor this weekend - on hand for Michigan’s season opener against Western Michigan. Hope springs eternal, as they say, so I’ll be looking for signs that this year will be different than the couple have been for the home team.

Now that you know what we’re doing, head down to the comments and let us know what you’ll be doing for opening weekend. Bonus points for pictures of food.