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Big Ten Football 2021: Week 1 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Now with bonus podcast content!

Good morning all you fine folks out there in the readership. If you judge this to be a strong start to this feature for the year, just be aware that I’m an Illini and it might turn out to be a mirage as I fade into the middle of the season.

Can you imagine the content if Ohio State went 4-8 this year? They will surely not be a part of what’s currently the Big Ten when they have their next losing record, but it’s fun to dream. We live in bleak times. Ohio State could just do us all a favor and be a team player here. Gift us a straight-up bad season.

I tacked the Week 1 Preview from Off Talkle Empire: The Podcast on to this one since there’s already so many articles due to our condensed week and everyone finishing closing arguments at the last minute, so give it a listen. You’re not doing anything productive at work this close to week 1.

I don’t know why there was so much Iowa this week. Let’s talk about it!

Welcome back, rest of the conference. Tomorrow, I’ll be headed to the Michigan State at Northwestern game, which means I’ll see some of you very