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Why Nebraska Football Could Win A Meaningful Big Ten Game, And Other Week 4 Mysteries

Are we ready for MICHIGERS?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Are you guys done playing non-conference games yet?

Look, there’s some fun to be had, but my team’s 0-2 in non-con and about to play its third B1G game, so can we just get to the conference part of the season so I don’t have to do as much work?

  • Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota and Iowa play games nobody cares about
  • How concerned should Maryland be about the Golden Flashes?
  • Is Northwestern committed enough to the meme to actually lose to an Ohio team this bad?
  • Is Indiana in danger of falling even farther?
  • I think Illinois could actually play a pretty close one with Purdue, so of course they’ll get annihilated
  • Can Nebraska actually go and beat a ranked Big Ten team on the road?
  • Why can’t we ever have anything as fun as 2020 MichiGers again?
  • Why Wisconsin can finish what Purdue started and take out Brian Kelly’s despicable Fighting Irish

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