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Where We Be, What We be Drinking: Week 4

It’s football time, let us celebrate with the adding of beer to our stomachs.

Hey hey hey, it’s Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the weekly segment where your favorite “writers” regale you with tales of Grain Belts, smoked meats, and dreaded fall weddings.

Now let’s go around the country and see what everyone is up to this Saturday.


I’ll be moving halfway across the country on Saturday, so by the time kickoff starts I’ll probably be somewhere in Ohio? Drinks will be coffee and La Croix, food will probably be granola bars and bananas, whatever else is easily eaten with one hand. If I watch Iowa at all it will probably be on my phone.


This will be my first noon game of the season while on child duty, and, with fall starting, plans of apple picking have already been brought up in my household. It’s very likely that I will be in the wilderness of Massachusetts gathering apples while the game is on, so it’ll be a DVR day for me. Luckily, the game is against Villanova, and not the Jay Wright kind. I’m most likely going to be drinking cider after at some point in the day.


I’ll be trucking on up to Berkley, MI to reunite with some college friends. It’s quite likely I won’t be watching any of the Indiana game as most TVs in the Detroit area probably won’t carry the game. As for what will I be drinking…that’ll be a game time decision. Knowing my best man, probably some brewery brews sprinkled in with various craft beers he provides. He’s a lawyer, so this weekend is on him.


I’ll be in the Greensboro area for the day, starting at my house drinking...kombucha? Pumpkin something? Not sure yet. Later in the day I’ll be at some sort of outdoor water-based festival, where I can only imagine there will be at least water to drink.


No point in moving back to Pennsylvania if I’m going to just avoid the games. A more palatable $45 ticket is just what the doctor ordered. Well, a cheap ticket and six feet separation, which is also easier this weekend. Set the controls for the heart of the conference, State College. I’ll most likely have a coffee followed by water.

Dead Read

Lovely Downtown Lincoln - I will spend the day talking myself into believing Nebraska can win. I will likely spend my evening being disappointed.

Brian B2

Should be able to get off around halftime, I’d think about heading to another brewery for the second half, but sadly Montgomery County, MD breweries and Televisions don’t often co-exist. I may have to, gulp, go to Buffalo Wild Wings, or a place similarly depressing. OR, double big gulp, go home and sit on the couch with my wife.

Green Akers

I’ll be home in Detroitland, recovering from my brother-in-law’s wedding Friday night (hot taek: if your crowd is mostly local, Friday night weddings are actually great and smart). Ergo, not going to be going hard during the games this weekend.

RU in VA

I will be tackling the never ending barrage of kids’ soccer, and shit talking my Walmart Wolverine of a father-in-law through text. He still uses T9 with a flip phone, so I will soon get bored and go to a winery or something.


It’s homecoming, which means there’s only one place I could be: Historic TCF Bank Huntington Bank Gopher Football Stadium. Grain Belts Nordeasts will be consumed and enjoyed, and for whatever reason Fireball has made a comeback with my friends. I don’t ask why this has happened, I just down the shot and wonder what I did to deserve it.


Probably watching the game in Lincoln—I’m serving as moral support and cheer squad for a marathon in Omaha the next morning, so if it gets ugly, I’m definitely turning it off early and going to bed. But maybe I’ll enjoy a Boulevard Tank 7 before that.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in the Great Lake State this weekend - but a couple hours west of Michigan Stadium. I’ll be in beautiful Grand Rapids. And drinking? It wouldn’t seem right being in Grand Rapids without enjoying some of Founder’s finest.


Home in the suburban Twin Cities, but...a wedding? What’s this?! The groom is even a Gophers diehard, but apparently he doesn’t care about Bowling Green. At your own peril, buddy...Likely very little in the way of drinks this week. I am apparently old enough that Duke set me back a full day with all the rage-drinking, so I’m going to try something a little simpler. We’ve got a Lift Bridge sampler that I’ll peck at, but I think the big breakfast we’ve planned (French toast bake, smoothies) will take care of most of the eats.

Now head down to the comment section and let us know what you, beloved reader, are doing for game day!