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NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Minnesota Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start with me owning this shit: Minnesota lost to Bowling Green yesterday. It was pathetic. It was embarrassing. It happened. And now it’s Purdue week. Yeeesh.

But because misery loves company, other teams in the West decided to join us in wallowing. Presumed national title contenders Iowa struggled mightily with fellow power Colorado State (don’t look up how CSU is doing this year. Just shh. Iowa is a amazing, per Iowa fans everywhere), wisconsin took Notre Dame to the 4th quarter before Graham Mertz remembered who he is, and Nebraska had a ton of issues that were due to the players and not Scott Frost (per, as always, Scott Frost) in their loss to Michigan State. It is a wild time to be a football team in the lesser division, and we may need to talk about how amazing Northwestern is.

So...what should we talk about? Ask us anything about football or anything else and we’ll do our best to answer them later in the week. We’re so confident in our abilities that we won’t punt away from coverage or throw ridiculous interceptions on multiple possessions in a row.

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.