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Are There Any Good Football Teams In The Big Ten? Week 4 Gave No Answers

Who’s good? Who even knows?

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What a weekend Week 4 of the college football season was. It’s officially fall, so it’s time for us to feel panicked about not getting all enough Outside Time in this year.

What’s on the agenda for today?

  • Habits of commentators discussing betting without reeeeally discussing betting
  • Penn State probably looks the best, but still has reason to be concerned about aspects of Saturday’s game
  • Iowa had a bit of an adventure against Steve Addazio, didn’t they?
  • How in the hell did Minnesota manage to lose to Bowling Green and what does it mean for PJ Fleck’s tenure in the Twin Cities?
  • Northwestern took care of business. Does it matter?
  • Running through the Illinois section at auctioneer speed because Bert did the same shit he did last week
  • Why this is a deceptively strong performance from Purdue despite the ugliness
  • Greg Schiano could probably be 2-0 against Michigan right now
  • So...what happened to Michigan’s offense?
  • Ohio State had fun.
  • Is the Indiana offense ready to play finally?
  • How does Nebraska keep doing this? How did they dominate the second half so thoroughly and still lose?
  • Graham Mertz has become an enormous liability and the Wisconsin defense has to be getting annoyed.
  • Is anyone in the Big Ten actually good?

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