B1G Survivor 2021 Week 2

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Late in the second quarter of the Wisconsin-Penn State game, the Camp Randall scoreboard operator and PA announcer reported that the halftime score of the Fordham-Nebraska game was Fordham 24, Nebraska 7. (The scoreboard operatorś performance was very representative of Wisconsin-related accomplishments yesterday.)

For a few minutes, I thought we were going to have another short survivor year, but then the mistake was corrected, and all was ¨right¨ with the world.

B1G Survivor saw a record 102 entrants this year, and most of them were smart enough to move on by picking Nebraska over a lowly FCS team. I have gone back and forth over the years on the question of being able to pick against FCS teams. I feel as though I may have made a mistake this year by allowing it, but here we are. I guess we will see how things go...

Here is the distribution of Week 0/1 picks. Next week, I will start listing all remaining contestants, along with the teams they have picked.

Nebraska (Week 1) 71

Illinois (Week 1) 13

Rutgers 7

Nebraska (Week 0) 3

Illinois (Week 0) 2

Michigan 1

Michigan State 1

Minnesota 1

Indiana 1

Iowa 1

Purdue 1

So out of our 102 initial entrants, 84 are moving on to Week 2.

Covid forfeits: The question of Covid forfeits came up last week, and this is my plan going forward: If a team that you pick ends up having to forfeit, you are eliminated. Also, if a team you pick wins by forfeit, you are eliminated if the forfeit is announced at least one day before it´s scheduled to be played. If that forfeit is announced on gameday, you move on. I put this in because usually we know multiple days ahead of time when a team is going to (or may potentially have to) cancel/forfeit.

Here is the Week 2 Schedule. All games are on Saturday:

Illinois @ Virginia

Oregon @ Ohio State

Youngstown St @ Michigan State

Miami (OH) @ Minnesota

Indiana St @ Northwestern

Rutgers Scarlet Knights @ Syracuse

Purdue @ UConn

Ball State @ Penn State

Buffalo @ Nebraska

Iowa @ Iowa State

Eastern Michigan Eagles @ Wisconsin

Idaho @ Indiana

Howard @ Maryland

Washington @ Michigan

So many cupcakes to choose from this week!

My Week 2 pick: is irrelevant, as I put too much faith in Bert. Good luck to all remaining participants!

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