Best and Worst of Week 1

Week 2 of college football is already here and just like every season it seems like it is flying by. This season is special in many ways coming back from a Covid season with packed stadiums again. Week one was already great and this one should be even better. There is always so much hype going into the college football season and I can’t think of one in years past that has had a much as this year. Here are my takes for best and worst from Week 1 of the college football season.

Best- Tulane

Yes I am well aware that Tulane lost this game but what an effort by a team struck with a lot of crazy stuff right before the season opener. You get a home matchup against a top 5 team in Oklahoma and then are hit with a hurricane where you lose a chance at hosting the Sooners. Apart from the natural disaster you no must go to Norman and play them in their home turf. It was nice of the University to add the Tulane logo but that doesn’t help with the home field advantage. Tulane found through the adversity and played a hard found game where they were down big and found a way back with a chance to possibly win. Even though they didn’t win I think it was a hell of an effort for a team that went through a lot.

Worst- Indiana

There was a lot of hype for this Indiana team coming into the season. That hype likely died on Saturday. Michael Penix had 3 picks and the offensive never got going. Playing on the road in Kinnick Stadium is never an easy task but this was a disappoint for Indiana fans.

Best- Kenny Walker Michigan State RB

I’m a diehard Michigan fan so writing this is a tough one for me but credit where credit is due. There were a lot of question marks around this MSU team but they looked pretty solid over the weekend and Kenny Walker was the star. The transfer from Wake Forest rushed for 264 yards and 4 TDs in the Spartans victory. A good sign for second year coach Mel Tucker and the rest of the Spartan offense.

Worst- North Carolina

Another team that came in with a bunch of hype. A top 10 team with Mack Brown and Sam Howell laid a dude on Friday. Granted anytime you must going into Lane Stadium and see that place rocking to Enter Sandman at night its going to be tough, but this UNC team was supposed to be solid offensively and they looked the opposite in week 1 with Howell (a possible Heisman Candidate) tossing 3 picks. Plenty of time to get it turned around but not how you want to start.

Best- Montana and Worst- Washington

The offense struggled but the defense stepped up and held Washington to only 7 points. On the other side the Huskies only managed to score 1 touchdown against a FCS opponent….Not great. As a fan of team who lost to a FCS team it sucks to say the least. The Pac 12 championship is still up for grabs but now this Huskie team has to go to Ann Arbor with an 0-2 start looming. On the other side good for Montana! They traveled on the road and got a win against a Power 5 team.

Best- UCLA

Most of the Pac-12 looked very very bad this weekend. UCLA on the other hand didn’t. Getting a win against an SEC opponent is always something to be proud of (unless its Vandy) so beating LSU was a great way to start the season. The Pac-12 looks like it could be very bad for another year so maybe we could see UCLA atop the conference at the end of the year. Still a long way to go though.

Worst- Illinois

Not much was expected of Illinois this season. What was expected was to beat UTSA which they did not do. Not really much more to say here.

Best- Kansas

They won Congrats Jayhawks fans.

Worst- Kansas Fans

Its been over a year but lets safe the rushing the field for a win that will actually matter not what very well could be the only win of the season.