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College Football Season Wrap-up, Podcast Edition (With No College Football Playoff Championship Talk)

Nope, nothing of interest left to talk about

Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Michigan
Offseason vibes, man
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Another Big Ten football season is in the books, and nope, nothing left on the college football landscape short of “regular” signing day, and recruiting’s a ton of dedicated work to stay on top of, so...pass.

Before we pivot to hoops entirely, let’s consider a herky-jerky bowl season:

  • First, an NFL thought exercise
  • A number of bowls didn’t make it, others were the Cheez-It Bowl, but many of them were actually entertaining
  • The Big Ten got off to a hot start, then New Year’s Day happened
  • Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa are three Spidermen pointing at each other when it comes to 1960s football, and the first two didn’t tempt their coaches with punting to an opponent late so that opponent could win the game
  • Maryland must have had residual ACC beef with VaTech, and no better time to work it out than when the Hokies are on their 3rd string QB
  • Michigan State got the same fortune against Pitt, but playing without Kenneth Walker III was a startling look at a Walker-less offense, even in a win
  • Rutgers sure did get into the Gator Bowl
  • We joked about Ohio State not caring about their bowl, but at least they won despite a bunch of major opt-outs, Penn State
  • Michigan, the winningest college football program of all time, had their best season in at least 15 years and did not belong on the field with Georgia