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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

A happy Iowa Bye Week to all who celebrate

Welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking, where your favorite “writers” share the foods and drinks they’ll be overindulging on game day.

Iowa is on a bye week so there will be significantly less Busch Light consumed this week, but let’s see what else we’re drinking:


As of right now I have no idea what I’ll be doing tomorrow. After getting breakfast at the farmer’s market I’ll stop by John’s Grocery and look for some fall beers to take home and sip while I watch football all day. Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting than that, but I’m kind of looking forward to a lazy weekend.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in the heartland this weekend.

I’m making my way to Ann Arbor to watch Michigan and Penn State do battle in the Big House. I should be easy to spot - I’ll be one of the very few people not “maized out”. I’m really looking forward to the game. With apologies to Auburn and Iowa, this will be the first big test for either team. I’m looking forward to seeing how each team responds.


I will once again be in Historic Memorial Stadium, this time on the west side! I rarely sit here, but at the time I bought, all the tickets on the sidelines were priced at face value and these were the best! A few days ago all tickets went on sale for $24 a pop. But I don’t care. That sale wasn’t to get ME to the stadium.

Morning drinks are beermosas. Not sure what beer I’ll use. It’s usually a witbier or a hazy IPA


My son’s soccer game ends at noon, then I immediately have to head to a birthday party that runs from noon till 3. I am incredibly displeased.


It’s my nephew’s 6th birthday this week, and the party is on Saturday! The plan is bowling, and I think it may bleed into the game a bit. We’ll probably all watch, and hope the inevitable messiness of it goes down easier with cake.


Purdue doesn’t play til nighttime so I’ll spend Saturday afternoon attending some nephews soccer games. Later I’ll be drinking some porters I think. Hopefully I can stay away from the liquor and Purdue doesn’t disappoint.

RU in VA

5 Soccer games, regular league weekend. I have a buttload of IPAs from last week’s haul, so I’ll probably drive a few on Saturday, or start brewing that stupid holiday beer that everyone keeps needling me for. Gingerbread seasoning, orange peel, and some cloves.


In transit from NW wisconsin back to the Twin Cities, I’ll be trading in the cabin and snowshowers for a 1-year-old’s Oktoberfest-themed birthday party. So that’s...uh...that’s a way to spend my bye week.

Plus side: Not only do I have a lot of Oktoberfest beer, especially Fair State’s excellent Festbier, to go through, but I have Venn Brewing’s Cosmosis Tripleberry sour. 9% is a great little nightcap for the ol’ Pac-12 After Dark set.

Update, because you guys were curious: On the way to northwestern Wisconsin the other day, stopped at Trap Rock Brewing in St Croix Falls and picked up a couple crowlers--a honey brown ale that was recommended to me, and a infused s'mores stout that sounded good because it's snowing. Excited to enjoy those, too


I’ll be in Cincinnati at a pumpkin patch trying not to curse as I watch the game on my phone. My mother hates it when I curse. So does my wife. My son repeats it. Hopefully I’ll have some pumpkin spice water or a lite beer or two.

Green Akers

I’ll be at Historic, Insurmountable, Invincible Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck watching Detroit City Football Club’s last home match of the season, capping a playoff campaign in their first year moving up a division. City aren’t the only club in the world, they’re just the only one that matters. You either sing for City or you’re [poop emoji]


I’ll be in New York City on our final final baby moon. I think we’re seeing Book of Mormon on Saturday afternoon which is when I assume wisxonsin is playing. It’s a show, so I doubt I’ll be drinking anything except at intermission.


I’ll be somewhere in the SE St. Paul suburban area. If I’m at home, I’ll be drinking Irish whiskey. If I’m over at the ladyfriend’s celebrating her birthday, I’ll help her drink all of the damn Octoberfest beer she’s been collecting in the beer fridge.


I’ll be watching the PSU game at a bar in New Orleans. I came to town for a conference and will miss all the late games while I’m flying.

Dead Read

Lincoln, the beautiful downtown part. The usual.


Per usual, I’ll find myself in sunny metro Denver. I’m headed to Home Depot Saturday morning to buy materials for a contractor to rebuild my fence. That whole process make take hours and I could miss the entire Michigan/Penn State game. This will be good for my health.

Alright everyone, head down to the comments and let us know what you’re pouring at your tailgates tomorrow