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The Weekly Mailbag is fretting over a coaching change.

Well that’s a turd cherry on a shit sundae on Sunday.

Well shit.

Hi. Hello. So on top of everything else, the University of Minnesota announced this evening that Volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon would be leaving after this year. Nothing in the press release about retirement, just that he’s leaving.


So yeah, everything sucks. Ask us stuff for later this week and we’ll answer them. I hope. Assuming we don’t quit or get fired before then. First question in the mailbag and something for y’all to chew on in the comments: Which coach would be the biggest loss for your school? Even though BRT’s been busy this fall and has been avoiding the mailbag, I’ll go ahead and assume that it’s John Cook for her and Nebraska. Because he’s been really good and you can’t say that about many programs in Lincoln.

This is WhiteSpeedReceiver, and as always in parting we wish you love, peace, and soul.