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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Come share some good weekend vibes with your OTE “writers”

It’s week 8, you know the drill by now. We tell you what we’re drinking and where we’re drinking it, then you do the same. Gonna keep this part short since I still have to make the damn map. Let’s go around the country and see what everyone is up to.


Today is opening day in minor league hockey, so I’ll be going to the Beautiful (it’s fine) Historic (it’s like a year old) Xtream Arena to cheer on my beloved Iowa Heartlanders against the the Idaho Steelheads. Pregame drinks will be at 30Hop in Coralville. A quick perusal of their menu just now leads me to believe Green Tree Canadian Breakfast Stout will be my drink of choice (seems like a good hockey beer), then I’ll switch to Heartlander Lager or Easy Eddy once I get inside the stadium.

On Saturday I have all kinds of Halloween stuff planned to do with the twins, so if I play my cards right I won’t have to see a single snap of whatever the Buckeyes are going to do to poor Spencer Petras. The perfect weekend!


I’ll be in Happy Valley wearing either maroon or gold in a white out after consuming some Yuengling.


As it turns out, I’ll be in New York, not State College, for the Minnesota game. Need to tend to some personal things in my old stomping grounds.


Another weekend, another 2:30 game, another wedding. This time just in St. Paul, but again, the sweet relief of knowing I don’t have to watch Northwestern just kind of roll over and die against Maryland. As the wife is one of 12 (!!!) women in the bridal party I believe I am DD for the MNWildcat family, so maybe a Mich Golden or two with dinner before we retire at about 8pm to go take care of the kiddo.


It’s a bye week for the fighting Illini, but the most important week of the season for my team, Public Stadium In An Immigrant Neighborhood FC, as they head to the future site of a half-billion dollar publicly funded but privately owned stadium to take on former DCFC coach Ben Pirmann and Memphis 901 FC in the USL championship playoffs. As always, they’re heavy underdogs.

The watch party at the clubhouse in Detroit is where this particular Detroit City FC owner will be watching The Goddamn Protagonists bring their best to Memphis


It’s Fall Break, and Nebraska’s on a bye week. I’m having a mini vacation in Omaha, which I realize isn’t very fancy, but I’m poor and have a metric ton of grading to do, so this is what’s possible right now.

I doubt I’ll watch any CFB this weekend, but I hope all of your teams lose!


I’ll be at home this week, drinking something local while the Cats lose again...

Jesse Collins

Bye week! I’m definitely going to enjoy “Fall” in Texas which roughly means it’s sub 80 for highs. Sounds like chicken and dumplings weather to me. Maybe some apple pie. We will see.

Kind Of...

I’ll be in the greater Philly area dreading the end of UW’s winning streak vs. Purdue. I might just be drinking tea depending on whether I kick my cold or not. If not, definitely double IPA the way UW has been playing. Or hell, maybe a double old-fashioned.


Cincinnati. Nephews birthday party. Whatever beer is provided by my sister. Watching Purdue lose to wisconsin for a 16th straight time.


I’ll be home in the Cincinnati. Drinking lite beer and crying while IU loses but celebrating that I’ll be on paternity leave for the next few weeks.

Maximum Sam

Beautiful Westerville, OH having some fall punch and perhaps smoking something tasty.


I will be in State College for the White Out. You will find me on the patio at Cafe 210 West having a pint or three with some old friends.

Brian Gillis

Michigan is off this weekend, and so am I. I’ll be spending my off weekend in Grand Rapids (Michigan). And being in Grand Rapids, I’ll make sure to find my way to Founder’s Brewery.

This weekend’s college football schedule is a bit of a letdown compared to last weekend, I’ll still probably check out the Syracuse/Clemson and Oregon/UCLA games.

Dead Read

In Lincoln, trying to get some stuff done in the bye week.

RU in VA

I will be at some stupid Children’s “Harvest Fest” on Saturday, then flying out to Chicago Sunday for a meeting monday then back to DC at night. Any Chicago recommendations for a Sunday night in the Loop? Haven’t been in a few years.


Bye weeks are the best shitposting weeks. I’ll be in the sectional with my feet up, a dog next to me, and my trusty laptop placed appropriately on top of my lap, shitposting away in the game threads.

Ok, down to the comments you go. Let’s hear how rad your weekend full of football is going to be.