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The Weekly Mailbag brought the cigarettes and milk we went to get. Now we need questions.

So that was another ridiculous week.

Cigarettes are for halftime.
Photo by Robert Natkin/Getty Images

Hi. Hello. I got the milk and Camel unfiltered that MNW said he needed for his kid. Anybody else need me to go get something next Friday?

Joking aside, my body hates me right now. That was too much travel and parenting in one week, and I need to refocus. Hopefully this week is boring and uneventful. What’s that? Iowa-Northwestern? Perfect.

Now’s the perfect time to ask us questions. Should I drink instead of watching B1G West football? What’s the point of having people guiding traffic out of parking lots after Penn State games if they’re just going to tuck the torch under their arm while fucking around on their phone? Is an Audi the perfect rental car? Does my cat hate me? Ask away, and we’ll do our best to answer them eventually.