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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

The Spookiest WWBWWBD of the year

Welcome to the spookiest WWBWWBD of the year. For the 5 of you who haven’t read this segment before, it’s pretty self explanatory. We share where we’re going to watch our teams disappoint us, and what we’ll be consuming to numb the pain (I may be projecting here a bit).

Let’s get to it, bonus points if you’re wearing a costume.


It’s a 2:30 kickoff, so in the morning I’m taking the kids to trick or treat at the farmer’s market. This is probably the last game of the year I’ll actually be able to attend, which is kind of funny in a sick sort of way. Sure there are no fun Iowa games to see this year, but this one has the potential to be one of the dumbest games of all time. As much as I’d like to drink an entire bag of Franzia to dull my senses enough to ignore the unspeakable horrors of the game, I’ll probably keep it light with coffee/Baileys and a few Boomtowns. Once the kids are asleep I’m watching the 1988 remake of The Blob, an absolute banger and one of my favorite movies of all time- I deserve to watch one entertaining thing before I go to bed.

Boiler Up

in Raleigh for a family wedding. Even though I’m the only Purdue alumni/fan in my extended family it sure was nice of my cousin to get married on a weekend the Boilermakers don’t play.

Jesse Collins

I’ll be in Houston this weekend for a concert, the zoo, and likely the children’s museum. I might get to see Illinois destroy Nebraska but it’s not likely.

Brian Gillis

I’m in Michigan again this weekend. A football double-header of sorts. Friday night I’ll be watching my alma mater put its undefeated record on the line when it does battle in the first round of the high school playoffs. Saturday, I’ll be Ann Arbor watching the good guys host their in-state rivals in the battle for Paul Bunyan.

Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy told reporters that he and the team “want Paul back.” So do Michigan fans. On the other side, if Mel Tucker can run his record against Michigan to 3-0, he just might be in line for a contract extension and raise.

Really looking forward to this one.


Back home, kid weekend. I’ll be doing Activities™ while I try to pay attention to the game.

Scratch that! Some friends are coming over to watch the game here. One is a friend from college, the other is our Ohio State buddy, so that should be fun! So, I’ll be shoving the children in a closet for [checks network] four and a half hours!


Still in State College. I will be in a blue section for the stripe out.

RU in VA

Kicking the weekend off seeing Chris Rock in DC Friday night, a few soccer games, but not too much else. Football time!

Dead Read

In Lincoln, celebrating the nephew’s birthday.


I will be at the Historic Gopher Football Stadium to watch the college football contest between the University of Rutgers and Minnesota.


The weather is looking nice, so I’m going to stick by the homestead and get some cleaning and yardwork done. I’ll probably watch some football that will make me sad at 2:30. I purchased some Glacial Till cider at the last Farmer’s Market, so I’ll be enjoying that!


It sounds like I’ll be at legendary historic Kinnick stadium for this legendary historic matchup. It’s homecoming so our tailgate will be pretty bare as all the HMB fossils will be marching at the game. I might try and smoke some wings on Friday to crisp up at the tailgate. I’ll probably bring a thermos of hot apple cider and spiced rum, a barrel aged stout, and some boozy fall type beers.


I’ll be at home, drinking some revolution brewing octoberfest, watching the cats lose again after a nice morning of taking my wife and son down trick or treating at local businesses.


Cursing and applying a hot pack to my lower back, I will come inside from raking leaves, grab a beer that I pick up on the way home from work (I’m thinking Nordic Brewing in Monticello), and turn on New Mexico State-UMass.

Then, very irritated, I will go to a bonfire at a friend’s place and get drink policed. LET ME ENJOY A FIFTH BIG WAVE, DAMNIT.


Spending the bye week at home all day putting furniture together and generally doing weekend stuff. Might go buy some baby stuff. I should probably get some beer…

Alright you ghosts and goblins, get down to the comments and let us know what you’re doing for game day.