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The Weekly Mailbag Has Questions.

We’re starting to run out of time on football season, aren’t we?

See, Michigan State, this is how you’re supposed to make contact with a Wolverine.
Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY NETWORK

Football has happened again. So has volleyball, and soccer, and hockey. Basketball starts happening this week. And apparently B1G MMA is underway as well. I’ll skip over the stuff about Minnesota having an interesting weekend and just go straight to the important stuff: don’t jump somebody where there’s cameras. This message has not been approved by OTE lawyers, but it feels right.

Please go ahead and ask us stuff. Is there anything that justifies a post-game fight? Should we just go straight to basketball talk and ignore the rest of football season? Is there much better than a good pot pie on a cool day? Is Illinois for real or are they just a mirage? Anything else bouncing around in your head?

Ask us stuff, and we’ll try to remember to reply later this week. I hope.