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SPORT Week 5, I think

Sorry I’m late.

Syndication: Arizona Republic
Y’all filling out SPORT boards, probably
Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Sorry for being late. But I have an excuse! The SMU/UCF game was postponed until last night, and so I couldn’t finish the boards for four of you. That isn’t why this is late, but it works. One of those four ended up hitting on the game and completing a bingo, so congrats to Lions_Tigers_Wings_Oh_MI. He was one of four players to hit a bingo, with TabletopBoiler leading the way with fourteen total spaces in his first week playing, and the other three hitting just twelve spots to get theirs. Nobody hit a third on the season, so the race is still pretty open. Also, I lead for spaces hit without a bingo, which is bittersweet.

SPORT results

Name Bingos Spaces hit Season bingos Spaces hit
Name Bingos Spaces hit Season bingos Spaces hit
NU’06er 0 15 2 47
GoldysRevenge 0 14 2 46
IUinVA 1 12 2 45
LandOfSkyBlueWatersGopher 1 12 2 43
Danwesley Meyer 0 12 2 41
Green 96 0 10 2 39
waw 0 7 2 38
Lions_Tigers_Wings_Oh_MI 1 12 1 40
wesd2005 0 13 1 38
Hoosiers47 - - 1 27
TabletopBoiler 1 14 1 14
Atinat 0 11 0 33
BoilerUp89 0 11 0 31
Precious Roy 0 13 0 26
Transient Buckeye 0 13 0 24
griffcat 0 13 0 23
vaudvillain 0 13 0 22
MNWildcat - - 0 15
Buckeyes2014 0 12 0 12
RTVF82 - - 0 11
SharpDressedBoiler - - 0 11
Bad Pseudonym - - 0 11
IronMonkee 0 11 0 11

It’s another good news/bad news week for me. The bad news is, I’m not a very good player. The good news is, my lines outperformed Vegas’s! Y’all hit a pretty bad 0.383 against my homemade lines, but a better 0.472 against the spreads and totals. You also hit 0.489 in the toss-up random games. I’ve finally done what every kid dreams of, growing up watching college football on Saturday mornings: outperformed Vegas betting lines among a very niche group of Big Ten fans. Can I do it two weeks in a row? Probably not!


  1. Nebraska Cornhuskers (-3) at Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Thursday, 6PM GTZ)
  2. Michigan Wolverines (-22.5) at Indiana Hoosiers
  3. Purdue Boilermakers at Maryland Terrapins (-3)
  4. Wisconsin Badgers (-10) at Northwestern Wildcats
  5. Ohio State (-27) at Michigan State
  6. Iowa Hawkeyes at Illinois Fighting Illini (-3.5)


  1. Korsak PISS is above 40
  2. Thompson (NEB) throws for 250+ yards
  3. McCarthy throws for three or more touchdowns
  4. Corum rushes for two or more touchdowns
  5. AOC more passing yards than Tagovailoa
  6. Hull more touchdowns than Allen OR PUSH
  7. Mertz more INTs than Hilinski OR PUSH
  8. Stroud throws for three or more touchdowns
  9. Brown (ILL) rushes for two or more touchdowns


  1. The East wins both vs West
  2. Michigan wins by more than Ohio State
  3. Home teams win three or more games
  4. More than one game finish under 40 total points
  5. Ohio State outscores the Iowa/Illinois game
  6. Two or more Vegas favorites lose

Random games:

  1. Houston at Memphis (Friday, 6:30PM GTZ)
  2. Colorado State at Nevada (Friday, 9:30PM GTZ)
  3. Tennessee at LSU
  4. Louisville at Virginia
  5. Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan
  6. Buffalo at Bowling Green
  7. Georgia Southern at Georgia State
  8. Utah at UCLA
  9. East Carolina at Tulane
  10. Duke at Georgia Tech
  11. North Carolina at Miami
  12. Wyoming at New Mexico
  13. UTEP at Louisiana Tech
  14. BYU at Notre Dame
  15. Kansas State at Iowa State
  16. Florida State at NC State


  1. Nebraska vs Rutgers, O/U 50.5
  2. Michigan vs Indiana, O/U 59
  3. Purdue vs Maryland, O/U 58.5
  4. Wisconsin vs Northwestern, O/U 44.5
  5. Ohio State vs Michigan State, O/U 65
  6. Iowa vs Illinois, O/U 36.5

I’ll make my picks in the comments later. If you’re going to pick any Friday games, make sure you get those picks in before the games start. This includes P1&2, O1, and maybe O4 if they total under 40 points. Also, a reminder to please use the shorthands. It makes this a whole lot easier for me to score. Sport can be abbreviated S1Y for the favorite covering the spread, and S1N for failure to cover. Likewise, Props and Oddities can be abbreviated P1Y to indicate the prop will hit, or P1N if you think it will not. Random games can be abbreviated R1H to choose the home game or R1A to choose the away team. Totals can be T1O to select the over, or T1U to select the under. Obviously use the number to select your bet though, don’t just write 1 a bunch.

Once more, let me know if I made any errors on your sheet. I’m doing my best, but ultimately, you have to call your own. Good luck this week, and I’ll see you in the comments section.