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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

Find out what fall beers your writers are using to numb the pain of losing to Illinois enjoying tomorrow

Welcome back to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking, the only segment where we talk about the fun things we do during football weekends (beer, tailgating, hanging with friends/family) instead of the dreadful (losing to Illinois).

Don’t forget to head down to the comments after you’re done reading to let us know what your WWBWWBD story. What are we drinking? Where will we be??? Let’s find out!


I’m headed to the Iowa City farmer’s market for breakfast burritos and to see if I can find the ingredients to make a nice green curry for dinner. I’ll be drinking Odd Side Mayan Mocha Stout, which a visiting friend from Michigan was nice enough to leave me as a consolation prize last week. Last week I set up a TV in the back yard next to the firepit and it was incredibly cozy, so I might be doing that for the night games again once the kids go to bed (this is entirely dependent on the weather holding out, which....I have not checked the forecast yet).


This Saturday I will be in the friendly confines of historic Memorial Stadium as the Fighting Illini play the most important home game in at least a decade. I have craft beer, Labatt’s Blue, spiced rum and apple cider.


Oh right, football! I’m tempted to stop watching now, on a high note, before my team loses to Rutgers on a Friday night. I have Friday off, so I’m going to spend the day working hard prepping future classes, because adulthood is a blast. I have considered camping, but it looks rather chilly. So... maybe home. Gin & tonic. And tears. Because we’re losing to Rutgers.


The last Oktoberfest festival of the Cincinnati area was last weekend, so no more Oktoberfest beers for me. I’ll be at home drinking Knob Creek.

Jesse Collins

What the hell is this Friday night nonsense? And of course it’s against Rutgers... I will be at home and likely will be ordering pizza and having people who literally couldn’t care less about Nebraska football over to watch this likely very sad football game. It’ll be fun.

Green Akers

Detroit burbs, and oh would you look at that, our baby shower happens to fall on Ohio State week? Gosh I just hate to miss a Michigan State football game given how good the team is playing right now, but what are you gonna do.


I’ll be attending the Book of Mormon in Des Moines, probably drinking gin and tonic if they serve them.


Holy shit, I’ll be in Manitowoc? For a wedding? Uh...sure. OK! Why not.

Attending the wedding of a second family to me, basically, and really excited to do it. The bride’s whole family was a hoot at our wedding, and I’m excited to return the favor. Beer will be whatever’s on tap (I’m willing to bet it’s Miller Lite and Spotted Cow), but as I’m driving out there on Saturday morning (need to arrive by 1pm) I’m also taking recommendations for stops along the way. Breweries on the northern route through Wausau, Shawano, and Green Bay (to say nothing of Magic City itself) appreciated.


I’ll be in Findlay, Ohio for some fun with the in-laws. It’ll be a lite college beer for me.

RU in VA

I’ll be running around Northern Virginia on the sidelines of a soccer field for the WAGS tournament. I’ll miss most of any and all football this weekend. Stupid family.


I’ll be in Evanston, and I’ll make sure to bring up a nice local beer or two to drink in the Ryan Field parking lot before the game.


I will be in the suburbs of Savannah Ga, watching my offspring in a band competition. I won’t be drinking then, but later for sure. And I have a new favorite beer:

This is a new North Florida brewer. The local restaurants picked it up first and now I can get cans. Really good beer, but at 7%, it hits hard.


I’ll be in suburban St. Paul, MN. Doing...something and drinking...something.


It’s the bye week, so all the activities that are out of the question the rest of the year are happening this weekend —birthday party, apple picking, breathing the fresh fall air (ugh), and overall being outside. I think we’re going to cover half of Massachusetts in a single day.

Maximum Sam

First cold snap in Westerville this weekend. Which means probably some chili, cider and bourbon.


I’ll be in Charlotte doing…something and drinking a pumpkin beer of some kind as I continue my endless, poorly documented journey to try lots of different pumpkin beers and decide which are good.

[editor’s note: they’re all good and I’ll fight you in the comments if you say otherwise]

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. Redondo Beach, to be precise. It’s the final week of my personal pre-season before I make my way to Ann Arbor for the next couple of games.

What will I be drinking? With a 9:00 local kickoff, coffee.

Dead Read

Beautiful Downtown Lincoln, yada yada yada.

Thumpasaurus coming in hot with an updated menu:

  • Kirkland Signature spiced rum + apple cider
  • Labatt’s Blue
  • Rochester Mills Orange Whip
  • Cheboygan Blueberry Cream Ale
  • New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale
  • Roak French Toast Stout
  • Dragonmead Final Absolution

That’s your “writers” for this week. Now down you go to the comments, let’s hear what you’re doing this weekend! Happy Friday, you nerds reading this on the toilet at work. We’re almost there.