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The OTE Weekly Mailbag: Because football happened?

I have no idea what we’re doing here.

“Tell Mary I said ‘hi’ and also **licks lips seductively**”
Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hi. Hello. So there was supposedly a weekend of football. I wouldn’t know because Minnesota didn’t play, so I went about doing other adult things instead of being miserable and exposing myself to Iowa’s offense or Northwestern. It was glorious. The only B1G play I was exposed to was checking in on tOSU-Sparty (because the ladyfriend is from Ohio) and hooooboy. They’re playing chess while the rest of us are eating checkers, aren’t they?

So come on in and ask us stuff. About football. About 6-year old birthday parties. About dealing with the smugness of someone in a relationship because they cheer for the fucking death star without some stupid uncovered exhaust portal. Fire away and we’ll answer the best questions submitted and then MNW will post it on Friday when I get ridiculously busy. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.


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