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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Happy Friday, come find out our weekend plans

Hey everyone, welcome to Friday. Let’s get to it.


I’ll be driving to St Louis for a 2 year old’s birthday party. I’m sure there will be plenty of Bud Light, but I might have to score some 4 Hands or Urban Chestnut while I’m there because my taste buds still work. Not sure what the food will be but I’ll be fine if there’s some type of cake.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. Friday night, I’ll be at the LA Coliseum to watch future Big Tenner USC host Colorado. I’m really forward to seeing Caleb Williams in person. Saturday, I’ll find my way to the couch - or a local sports bar - to see if Michigan can avoid an upset at the hands of Nebraska.


Rather than tailgating in the cold in Minneapolis, I’ll be avoiding this game like the plague up at the cabin for the wife’s birthday. Plans right now include a trip to Perlick Distillery, one of the better local vodkas you can find in Minnesota or Wisconsin, as well as Round Man Brewing in Spooner — their KBO Cream Ale is delightful.


I’ll be here in Metro Denver, helping a friend move. In the words of the immortal Danny Glover, I’m too old for this shit. Per usual I’ll be drinking water, or perhaps splurge on some Chick-fil-a iced tea. Unsweet, of course. I’m not a heathen.


I’ll be in Cincinnati not drinking and not watching this thumping at the hands of Ohio State. Someone text me if there’s a chance late in the 4th.



I think I reported all of my tailgate contents for the game at Indiana, but about half of what I drank before that game was Malort (as the “here I’ll do a shot with you to prove it’s not a trick” guy). Clearly that approach was not fruitful for the game outcome.

The Iowa tailgate was spiced rum and apple cider and the Minnesota tailgate was mimosas beermosas and screwdrivers. This week…we’re gonna be taking down boilermakers in large quantities. That’s right, gonna get me a handle of Costco whiskey and a few cases of Founders Solid Gold lager (only if I can’t find large quantities of Bell’s No Yeah golden ale). We’re doing the bomb/depth charge variety where you drop the shot in the beer. Crude, yes. Appropriate? Both for the opponent and the freezing temps!

He Was a High School QB

I’ll be in Chambana as well, drinking something to keep me warm as the temperature will go from 74 today to a brisk 30 degrees at kickoff Saturday.


I’m on call this weekend so I won’t be traveling for the most important cannon game in recent history but will be instead watching from the couch. I may not have anyway considering how poorly Purdue has looked in their last 2 games. Hopefully no one needs my assistance during the game. Or all weekend.

Maximum Sam

I’ll be in Westerville, Ohio, trying to get my kids to enjoy the game of football. A failing endeavor, but maybe I can annoy them enough that they will go to their rooms and be quiet.


I’ll be in North Florida, cleaning up from unwanted guest Hurricane Nicole. I have a brisket for the egg and a six pack of local beer to go with it.

Jesse Collins

Look, Nebraska isn’t going to win, nor is it likely to be competitive. However, I’m going to definitely enjoy a chilly weekend by making cold weather food and pretending like 40 degrees is 20 degrees. Dumplings? Maybe! Stew? Definitely! Some sort of fruit crumble? Why the hell not! It’ll be fun and when the temps hit the 70s again next week, I’ll have had my fill of fall and be happy about the warmer weather.

Green Akers

For the first time, we will test the viewing fortunes of future MSU point guard/center midfielder/libero Young Mad Lass Akers, born Thursday of this week into a world where the Spartans need two of three down the stretch for a bowl game and a salvaged season. If MSU loses to Rutgers before she’s 54 hours old, it’s gonna require some brainstorming to rectify that kind of juju, so here’s hoping we don’t get to that point.


I’ll be in Minnesota, but other than that I have no idea. The Gophers play against justNorthwestern at 2:30 and it could be the girls’ last game of the season (depending on when and where the bowl game is...), but the forecast is currently for a balmy 30 degree high on Saturday. If it were just me, I’d just throw on a Grain Belt jacket and go have a blast, but apparently it’s “irresponsible” to give a pair of pre-teens a bunch of beer. So if we go to the game, it’ll be coffee and maybe a smuggled in flask of peppermint schnapps. And if I watch from my couch in the southern suburbs, it’ll be some coffee and maybe a bit of peppermint schnapps or Jameson and Bailey’s.


I’ll be celebrating Friendsgiving in Chicago around the time the Cats will play the Goofballs. I’ll have some IPAs, preferably local.


I’ll be home, packing more boxes. This is a multi week project!


I’ll be in super duper Kinnick Stadium watching what is sure to be a nightmare of a game. The weather is turning cold here as I write this, so I’ll probably go with some hot apple cider with spiced rum and some dark beers.

Kind Of...

I’ll be in the greater Philadelphia area. Have a couple of double IPAs to choose from. Probably go with the Great Lakes one for old time’s sake. If Mertz throws multiple picks, I’ll have them both.

Alright everyone, let’s hear it. Drinks and activities, down in he comments.