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Big Ten Football 2022 Week 11 Preview In Big Ten Infographics

If I’m matching Illini Football losses with this series, hopefully this is the last one of the year

In a month or so, I might have time to stop and gather my thoughts on this season. My journey to this point was fueled by being upset that Illinois Fighting Illini football stopped being fun right when I graduated college and could really GO HARD for the games. It was with a mix of FURIOUSLY trying to defend not so much my team as my emotional investment therein and a desire to understand and explain why Illinois Football apparently can’t be fun anymore and what it might take for it to be fun again. I am very stubborn and refused to cash out on this investment until I got a return besides coping through gallows humor. Every time I walked away I’d find myself doubling down even as I cursed myself for it.

Here we sit 7-2, ranked #21, having the best season in a generation. In typical Illinois fashion, both losses are headscratchers to losing teams. BUT NOW IT’S FUNNY IN A NON-CYNICAL WAY!

I never wanted this series to get stale, but I never wanted it to die off silently either. I promise it won’t be entirely a clip show, but hey, there’s enough internal lore that retrospective stuff can be fun now.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

remember that you can go through the archives at your leisure!