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The Weekly Mailbag Needs Good Question

It was a week, it’s going to be a week.

“Next week I’m going to try to win by only scoring points on punts.”

Just a bit of a programming note first: Dead Read will be unable to post the stock report in the morning, as he was attacked by a business of ferrets. Police are investigating, and while we don’t want to speculate we have heard rumors that it may be related to some securities fraud. We do not know if DR or the ferrets committed the alleged fraud. Thankfully, thanks to my ability to bite off more than I can chew and have multiple things pop up at once, we’ll have last week’s mailbag responses dropping at 6 AM. I am so sorry that we continue to do this.

Hi. Howdy. Football is weird and dumb. I just willingly sat through the entire 60 minutes of Northwestern-Minnesota on Saturday, and I am going to sit through the entire 60 minutes of Iowa-Minnesota next Saturday. Clearly I make questionable decisions. So you know what? Ask us questions and we’ll share just how questionable everyone who we claim is a “writer” is at pretty much everything. Ask away, and we’ll pick the best of the bunch that I can get people to answer to maybe respond to eventually.