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Purdue Sends Me Straight To Hell! Big Ten Football Week 11 Recap Podcast

Michigan and Ohio State jog in place

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As Michigan and Ohio State just sort of jogged in place to keep their heart rates up, several things happened to affect the Big Ten West race.

Did you watch last night’s basketball game between Kentucky and Michigan State? It went to two overtimes, and they kept cutting to the tunnels to show Duke and Kansas stretching, doing calisthenics and trying to stay warmed up. That’s the energy Michigan and Ohio State have right now.

Anyway, if you’re wondering how Purdue crushed the last chance Illinois will ever have to win a title of some kind, I will give as full an accounting as I can muster of the events that transpired.

After this, I’ll never again speak of these events.

I personally not only watched no more football the rest of Saturday but didn’t check any scores, so I’m finding out in real time what happened in these games. Being kinda dead inside, I’m unable to find anything notable to say about them, but I should note that Minnesota finally killed the Nebraska Tax meme by soundly defeating Northwestern.

Oh and I guess Iowa is just gonna keep getting away with this forever? Sure, Wisconsin, I guess just let them do Iowa shit to you.

I didn’t have time to fix my mic (or more accurately, my computer’s sudden refusal to recognize my mic) and I won’t next week, so the audio volume and quality is going to be all over the place, I just don’t care at this point.

Whatever gets me through the next two weeks.