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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 13

Wake up and grab a leftover drumstick, we’ve got football today.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you all had a kick-ass Thanksgiving. I’m writing this as I watch the Egg Bowl, stomach overflowing with mashed potatoes, beer, pie, and all their friends. I’m about 20 minutes away from falling into a deep food coma, so let’s skip straight to the fun part.


I’ve been waiting 8 years for our boys to return to the World Cup, so I didn’t have it in me today to skip the match against England to watch Iowa and Nebraska play. I gave my tickets to my dad and my father-in-law (who has never been to an Iowa game before!) Instead I’ll be making my way to a bar downtown to watch both Iowa and the World Cup. I’m predicting losses for both my teams, but hey I’ll be full of beer so I’m sure I’ll find a way to have fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be staying in to watch the games and finishing off what’s left of my cask of Breckenridge Christmas Ale before it goes bad. I have Mayan Mocha Stout in reserve, but I doubt I’ll need it.


If Nebraska wins, I will make a late decision on attending the Bucket game in Bloomington. If Nebraska loses, I’ll watch the Bucket game from the comfort of my couch or a bar. Drinking whiskey - whatever I end up buying a bottle of tomorrow.


There are at least four family members coming from New York to stay with us for Thanksgiving, so I’m not sure I’ll be watching much sports this week.

LOL who am I kidding I’ll just go upstairs to watch or force them to watch with me.


Back in northwestern wisconsin, enduring passive aggressive comments from my mother-in-law about the structural integrity of the green bean casserole while trying to convince my wife “No, it’s OK, I’LL take the baby into the other room to soothe her!” I will be unsuccessful, but I’ll still slip into the living room to catch glimpses of Northwestern being stomped into a fine powder by BERT and the Illini.

As for drinks? The father-in-law really enjoys stocking Modelo Negro at the cabin, for some reason, so I’ll pinch a couple of those. We also left a New Glarus sampler up there, so some Moon Man and Staghorn as well. But what I’ve been enjoying lately was a Schell’s sampler that I found — their Cream Ale (a solid take on it), Firebrick Vienna lager (a classic owing to their German heritage), Goosetown Gose (too rare in the era of triple berry smoothie sours and mango passionfruit kumquat kettle-soured ales), and a small-batch Saison they released. Really good stuff, and I’d recommend it.

Now that I’ve praised you, Schell’s, bring back the Chimney Sweep rauchbier. Immediately.


I will be decompressing in N. FL after a raucous Thanksgiving. I’m hoping for some payback after last year’s snow bowl loss to Sparty. I’ll be drinking whichever wine bottles didn’t get finished. Or I’ll open one of the leftover bottles.


You can bet your ass I’ll be doing exactly what I was doing last year: playing a computer game and completely ignoring college football (for at least the early game set). Hey. You never know what causes things to happen in the universe.


Gross. I can’t watch any more football this year. I’ll be Christmas decorating on Friday. Maybe I will have the game on. Or maybe I’ll watch some Hallmark dreck, even the worst of which is a better time than Nebraska football is currently.

Maximum Sam

I’ll be in Westerville, probably drunk off my ass by three o’clock. The leadup, though... this week is awesome. World Cup all week. Basketball all week. Football all week. I’ve barely even thought about the Michigan game. That will change Saturday morning, when I’ll probably be irritable all day or all morning, depending on you know what.


I will be in Cincinnati. Maybe a Pepsi. Maybe an ultra. Who knows.


Kinnick, beer, chili.


Either I’m going to be a nihilist and watch the game at Ryan field with my dad or I’ll just watch it at home


I will be in central MN helping decorate for Christmas and whittle down this year’s supply of peppermint moonshine.


gonna be in royal oak again drinking what’s probably the whiskey left over from the Purdue tailgate.

Green Akers

Home in Detroitland, putting up the tree, finishing whatever’s left of my homemade eggnog (I urge y’all to try making your own, it’s not complicated and is SOOOOO much better than the carton stuff)

Brian Gillis

Pay no attention to the map, I’m in the Midwest this weekend. Not Columbus, but Michigan (Grand Rapids), where I’ve been impatiently waiting for Saturday’s game.

...and hoping against hope that Blake Corum is healthy.

It’s the last weekend of the regular season. I know a lot of you aren’t working today, so head down to the comments and let us know what you’re drinking tomorrow. I’m gonna go make a leftovers chaos sandwich before heading down to Donnelly’s.