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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Your favorite column to read from the toilet on a Friday morning

Welcome back, everyone. Happy Friday, time for WWBWWBD: The best place on the internet for finding out what your OTE “writers” are doing and drinking for game day. Let’s get to it.


As I write this I have no plans and no idea what I’m doing since it’s an away game, so let me make an educated guess. I’ve had some ribs seasoned and vacuum sealed sitting in my freezer for a few months, so tonight I’ll probably throw them in the sous vide and cook them for 24 hours. Tomorrow morning is breakfast at Hamburg Inn, then swinging by John’s (hitting up all the Iowa City’s Greatest Hits I guess) for whatever beer catches my eye (I’m thinking it’s officially dark beer season). After that, going home to watch the Iowa game while I do chores around the house. Those ribs should be done just in time for the late afternoon kickoffs, so I’ll glaze them up and throw them in the broiler for a bit to finish them off. It’s not the same as having a smoker, but a hefty portion of smoked paprika in the rub goes a long way.


God help me, I’ll be in Evanston to see how dark things will get for the Cats. I’ll pick up some local beer or some stuff my dad likes.


Probably putting boxes together to send to my mom’s store. They’ll have stuff inside.


I have no idea where or what I’ll be doing or what I’ll be drinking. It’ll probably be in the greater Minnesota area. 11 am kickoff means I’m not going to get up and drive to Lincoln. A forecast of rain means I’m probably not going to go golfing. Maybe grab a thermos of coffee and a flask of peppermint schnapps and go hiking through a state park and listen to the game on the radio?


No game for me this weekend. I will be in Jacksonville FL to watch the final Marching Band competition of the year. Since I’m a slacker dad who went to two football games this year. The beer will be Mocama’s Cosmico, because it’s good. I’ll listen to the game on headphones until (or maybe while) the band plays...

Green Akers

Home in the Detroit burbs. Let’s do some math: 8 suspended MSU players, plus gale-force winds, plus an offense that has to throw the ball to do anything…yeah let’s get the rest of these leaves up?

Jesse Collins

I ‘should’ be home this weekend in what is looking like a nice fall day. I haven’t really had a ton of time to do a full bbq spread, but I’m thinking it’s time. I have a bunch of ripe poblano’s on the vine so probably some bacon wrapped smoked poblanos, fresh salsa, chuck for tacos, fresh tortillas, and maybe like ribs or chicken depending on what I can find in the freezer. I will probably watch football but at this point, that’s not really a priority...


Home. We have another wedding, but unfortunately that doesn’t start until 3, so I’ll watch for 20-30 minutes before going back to grading or reading or doing literally anything else.

I’ll start with coffee but I plan on finishing the evening with about 70 Mich Golden Lights.


I’ll be at home. Got a lot of yardwork done last weekend, so this weekend will be housework. I tell you, this adulthood is a non-stop thrill ride! I’m still really enjoying my caramel apple cider from Glacier Till, so I expect to partake of more of those!


I’ll be at home in the Queen City. Assuming it’s not raining, I’ll be drinking some shitty lite beer at a golf course playing in a scramble.


I’ll apparently be in the “San Diego of the Midwest” according to our benevolent leader. Beer, couch, lazy Saturday


I’ll be in Tiffin for friends thanksgiving. I will be drinking Ok Boomer from Marto brewing. I will be cursing as Charlie Jones finds the soft spot in the intermediate zone as he goes for an entire year’s worth of receiving for an Iowa WR.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be back in Los Angeles this weekend. After a couple of eventful Saturdays at the Big House, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend on couch … and in the sun.


Harrison township, Michigan. Attempting a half marathon

That’s what we’re doing, now get down to the comments and let us know how your game day is shaping up.