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Big Ten Football Week 10 Preview Podcast: A Purdue By Any Other Name...

A week in which the Big Nude games look more appetizing than the Afternude Slate

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Maryland Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost time for an actual full week of Big Ten football again!

  • Take Purdue, change the name and the colors and make the run game a little more varied and robust and you have Maryland. Will that be enough to beat Wisconsin?
  • The Big Ten East top tier is clearly Ohio State and Michigan. Does Penn State belong in the second tier with Maryland?
  • Remember that brief moment in time when the Hoosiers were playing meaningful games against Penn State? :(
  • Do the Michigan State suspensions really foretell the laugher that a 17-point line suggests is coming to Champaign?
  • Did Illinois really leave all their huge mistakes, cursed luck and bizarre strategy on the field in Bloomington two months ago or do they have some more in store?
  • Nebraska couldn’t stop Illinois. Can they stop Diet Illinois?
  • What is the possible range of numbers that Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern buyout could occupy and what would be funnier: extremely high or extremely low?