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The Weekly Mailbag Request needs just one more thing...

It has once again been a weekend of B1G. Now we must recover.

An entire weekend full of “Just one more thing” is quite dangerous. It’s how you go out to look at a house, and then “just one more thing” a couple times and soon enough you’re singing “Story of my Life” by Social Distortion at karaoke at 2:30 in the morning and trying to figure out if your watch automatically changes (it did). Or how you start by helping a friend do some yardwork to prep their garden for the winter and next spring and end up cutting down a tree. Or “just going out to dinner really quickly, then I can write the mailbag request” turns into yet another full night and then I snap awake at 6 AM and do the mom in Home Alone, but having forgotten something so much more important than a kid. (Speaking of kids...did I also impulse-buy a used pink Fender Strat for my oldest over the weekend? Ummmmmm...maybe.)

So here we are. It’s Monday. USF fired their coach. West Virginia didn’t because his buyout is ridiculous and they don’t have Texas A&M money. tOSU looked like garbage in the Litter Box but won. Michigan is still punching the corpse of Rutgers and crying. Everyone except Northwestern and Nebraska is still alive to win the West. It’s dumb and beautiful and it’s what we want and need. So please ask us anything you’d like. We’ll pick the best questions, and I do my best to not just single out one team unless it’s a fun question like “How many more times will Nebraska fans say “Coach <insert name here> is going to return us to glory” after making a hire.

Good luck and have a wonderful week, friends.


Accidental Chainsaw Usage?

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    WSR’s weekend
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    WSR’s future garage band
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    Halloween was last Monday, you twit
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