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PODCAST: Big Ten Football Regular Season Wrap-Up & News Cycle

We’re back after a week off

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Penn State
we would like to cuddle
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Thank you for sticking with us through another season of Off Talkle Empire.

My mic continues to refuse participation with my computer. It’s such a great mic that it’ll really suck to not be able to use it anymore. I’ve had this Zoom H2 since I was in high school and I still can’t understand why my computer has just decided it’s not going to cooperate with the damn thing anymore.

But alas, here we are.

Anyway, we missed some time last week, so we have much to discuss!

Nebraska and Wisconsin hired coaches!

Purdue, Minnesota and Illinois all finished with eight wins! Big Ten West Things!

Michigan defeated Ohio State! I think we have to start #TalkinBoutTheKnowles.

Penn State looks poised to put it all together next year and once again be the third best team in the conference!

Indiana has no more quarterbacks.