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Join the Off Tackle Empire Bowl Pick’em Challenge!

Now with 50% more chances to win!

The Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzews
Same thing, right?
Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Good morning! Bowl season begins for ten(?)* Big Ten teams shortly after Christmas—but it’s already bowl season for the rest of us, because it’s time to pick the winners of each and every college football bowl game!

We at OTE are running back our usual Bowl Pick’em Challenge: we go through ESPN, so you can stay anonymous, and this year there are three different ways to pick all the games! We’ll run all three, and the winner of each gets the Standard OTE Prize: a FanPost, of your choosing, added to the front page. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Here are those three groups! Log in to ESPN, click these links, and for each challenge enter the password “sherman”.

Off Tackle Empire Confidence

Password: sherman

Off Tackle Empire Standard

Password: sherman

Off Tackle Empire Spread

Password: sherman

Usual prize applies: winner can write and have front-paged a FanPost of their choosing, as long as it meets basic editorial standards (insert joke here) and human decency.