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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Championship Week

What is everyone drinking for the Purdue Harbor of the Century?

Happy Friday to all of you in the Empire. We’ve got important football today! And we’ve got important football tomorrow! And tomorrow night two teams that don’t have Cade McNamara on the roster will be playing in the B1G Championship game, so let’s see what the OTE “writers” are pouring for the main event.


Tomorrow is going to be L O N G, as I’ll be heading to Donnelly’s Pub in Iowa City at 8am to drink my breakfast and watch the US vs Netherlands in the world cup. I’ll probably stick to Guinness since that brought us luck vs Iran and because low ABV seems like a good idea when you’re starting that early in the morning.

Having cashed in all my weekend capital on going to a bar in the morning, I’ll then head home to lay low and watch the kids all day, where I plan on putting them to bed just in time to watch the championship game. I’ll probably be drinking Sierra Nevada Celebration or Shiner Holiday Cheer and picking up Pagliai’s so I don’t have to cook for anyone.


Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium.


The Pav to watch the 2nd round of the NCAA Volleyball tournament. Hopefully it includes a Gopher win, but I know better than to anticipate good things.


I’ll be drinking some locally brewed Christmas beers to watch the World Cup and the B1G championship game at home.


Football is over! I will probably be enjoying spiked hot chocolate and a seasonal film. Good luck to Purdue though!


I’ll be going to Christmas town USA or something to get as much Christmas shit in before the baby comes. Could be any day now, so fingers crossed I get to see magic and lights and drink cocoa when it’s like 60 out

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Indianapolis this weekend. And I can’t wait!


I’ll be at home on kid-duty because the wife works this weekend. We might make a drive to my brother’s for some of the World Cup game, if MNWildkit cooperates. But otherwise it’ll be coffee for me, bottles of the house white for her.


I’ll be at home in NoFla. I have a brisket that’s all but shouting at me to grill it. So this may be the weekend. That and the dregs of Thanksgiving beer.


I’ll be at home, being boring and trying very hard to be philosophical that the Harbor Of The Century that I’m watching is a great and hilarious sports story and so I probably shouldn’t keep throwing things.


since the purdue game i haven’t been able to log a single mile run, my car dropped its entire-ass transmission which is not yet replaced, i’m still feeling shitty with a cough, i’ve woken up covered in blood on multiple occasions, i keep getting repeated calls from a private number and the weather has been fucking terrible

i think purdue actually killed me

so all i can say is that i will probably think i am in royal oak or somewhere in southeast michigan

i don’t know if i actually will be

Ok everyone, down to the comments. Where you be, what you be drinking, etc!