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Big Ten Basketball: Tuesday Open Thread

Attention: Snooze Alert

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska
Are you not entertained! Yeah probably not.
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Tuesday, December 20th

#346 Elon Phoenix (2-10) at #27 Indiana Hoosiers (8-3), 6 pm, BTN+

MaximumSam: Elon is terrible and has zero wins over Division I teams. Of concern to Hoosier fans is the health of Xavier Johnson. In an impressive display of coach speak, Mike Woodson suggested Johnson was both day-to-day and also might not come back at all. If you are watching this game, I commend your commitment to college basketball. I still haven’t quite finished Andor, maybe I can get to that.

Also, my oldest daughter wanted to watch the second season of Chucky. When your teenager wants to do something with you, you jump on the chance, so I dutifully reupped Peacock. Went searching for Chucky Season Two. WTF. Do some research, and find the second season isn’t on Peacock yet. It is on Hulu, which I already had. There’s five bucks completely down the drain.

#187 Queens University Royals (9-2) at #99 Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-6), 6:30 pm, BTN+

MaximumSam: The Huskers better be on guard with the Royals, who aren’t coming in to lay down. They are in their first year of Division 1 basketball and are doing just fine, already going 9-2, including a win over 10-2 Marshall. They are led by point guard Kenny Dye, who leads the teams in attempts from both two and three, and is shooting 57% and 42% from there. Keisei “The Blade” Tominaga will need to get out his whetstone.

#230 Illinois Chicago Flames (8-4) at #67 Northwestern Wildcats (8-2), 8 pm, BTN+

MaximumSam: Some intra-Chicago battles going on. You know, I’m a big fan of deep dish pizza. At least I think I am. There are a few places that serve it here in Columbus, but I am always feeling they are a little lackluster when I get them. Giordano’s is probably the most well-known chain, and they aren’t bad, but they also don’t really deliver the amount of flavor you want in something that has thirteen pounds of cheese in it. There’s a local place, Mama Nancy’s, and they have this obsession with putting the toppings on top of the pizza, and I find the pepperoni is always way overcooked. Rumor has it another Chicago chain is opening soon, Lou Malnati’s. Chicago people, should I hold my breath for this one?