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Big Ten Basketball: Wednesday Open Thread

An interesting game? It’s a Christmas Miracle!

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Michigan
Go To Jail Do Not Pass Go
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Tuesday, December 20th

Indiana Hoosiers 96, Elon Phoenix 72

Nebraska Cornhuskers 75, Queens University Royals 65

MaximumSam: Tominaga Watch: 15 points on 3-7 from three.

Northwestern Wildcats 92, UIC Flames 54

MaximumSam: Apparently opinions are divided on Giordano’s v. Lou Malnati’s. Looks like I’m going to have to eat more pizza to be sure.

Wednesday, December 21st

#353 Eastern Illinois Panthers (3-9) at #19 Iowa Hawkeyes (8-3), 2:30 pm, BTN+

BoilerUp89: EIU has just one Division 1 victory: over the much loved IUPUI Hoosiermakers. Against Ohio State, the Panthers scored 43. Against Illinois, they scored 57. How many points will they score against Iowa?

#309 Oakland Golden Grizzlies (2-10) at #52 Michigan State Spartans (7-4), 5:30 pm, BTN

BoilerUp89: Greg Kampe is still Oakland’s head coach and has been since 1984. That makes him the second longest active tenured coach behind Boeheim. This meeting will mark the 11th consecutive season and 16th out of the last 17 seasons that Michigan State has played Oakland.

#64 Michigan Wolverines (7-3) v. #31 North Carolina Tar Heels (8-4), 6 pm, ESPN

MaximumSam: Michigan could really use a win. Right now, their best win is over Pitt. Pitt has rounded into a decentish team, but that’s still a pretty thin resume entering the Big Ten grind. We just saw North Carolina get by the Buckeyes behind 28 from Armando Bacot. Watching him battle Hunter Dickinson should be fun. One strategy against the Tar Heels is give Caleb Love open looks from three. He is a willing but unable gunner - he went 4-13 from three against the Buckeyes and is shooting just 29% from the season despite by far leading them in attempts. Torvik goes Tar Heels, 79-75.

BoilerUp89: Agreed on this being an important game for Michigan’s resume. Will also give us an interesting comparison point between Michigan and Indiana/Ohio State.

#279 Maine Black Bears (6-5) at #26 Ohio State Buckeyes (7-3), 7:30 pm, BTN

MaximumSam: We might see Eugene Brown return to action. Probably of interest solely to Buckeye fans, Brown was one of two guys that returned who played regularly last year. He’s been held out due to concussion issues, but Holtmann has been hinting that he will play soon. Ice Likekele could also play; his issues are more mysterious.

#345 New Orleans Privateers (3-7) at #6 Purdue Boilermakers (11-0), 8 pm, ESPNU

MaximumSam: Ah, now some New Orleans food. I’m a fan of some of it, not all. Mostly because I don’t love white rice or bell pepper. If you have red beans and rice but just eat the beans, can you still call it red beans and rice? Whatever, I might have to hit the store. It’s supposed to snow and drop to ungodly cold temperatures in Ohio tomorrow - I hope to not leave the house again until after Christmas. Wish me luck.

BoilerUp89: Purdue has never won a game as the #1 ranked team in Mackey Arena. Hopefully that changes. And of course its going to snow and being frozen in Ohio tomorrow. That’s a BU89 birthday tradition. Anyway, New Orleans coach seems to be relishing the opportunity to play the “best team in the nation” (his words). Regardless of the Privateers being hyped for this one, they are still a team with just one Division 1 victory which came over - checks notes - IUPUI. Oh no, they already know how to defeat Purdue teams.