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In Soviet Georgia, the New Year Celebrates You

Peaches Performs In Berlin
Buddy don’t enter “peaches” into the Getty image search
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Should You Watch the Peach Bowl?

Does watching a Big Ten underdog take down the SEC favorite interest you? No? Well, how about seeing Ohio State get their ass beat? Does that give you a tingle? I promise you, one of those two things will happen.

How Do You Watch the Peach Bowl

You have to wait until Saturday. You need a television and a way to watch ESPN. If you have already watched Michigan lose, then just don’t change the channel and wait until 8 pm eastern time (that’s right, EASTERN TIME). New Year’s Eve plans? Don’t lie to me, you don’t have friends and/or family that want to spend time with you, and you’d rather be watching football anyway. If you live in the Midwest we are anticipating pretty mild temperatures. Why not fire up the grill? I’m making ribs.

What Will Happen in the Peach Bowl

The short answer is Georgia will probably win.

The long answer is Georgia plays fantastic defense. They are the top ranked defense on SP+ and in many ways are statistically better than they were last year. Ohio State’s offense is very good, but we’ve seen them against good defenses in Michigan and Notre Dame and they seem to top out in that 20-30 point range given their issues in short yardage situations.

The problem for OSU is that Georgia is also strong offensively. Where this game will probably be won or lost is whether the Buckeyes can keep Georgia out of the end zone early in the game. Georgia is pretty good at most everything, but they are extremely good at putting together a few great opening drives, getting a lead, and letting their defense smother you to dust. While OSU will benefit from getting healthy, Georgia may benefit even more.

OSU does have a chance here. If they can flip the script a bit and get a few scores while holding Georgia, they can get the Bulldogs chasing the game instead of the other way around. That’s not their comfort zone, and they don’t want to go full Air Stetson. OSU tried to do this against Michigan and nearly succeeded, but a couple very stupid touchdowns for Michigan in the first half blew up their plan.

At the end of the day, it’s an easy prediction. OSU played Great Value Georgia and lost pretty hard, so it’s tough to see them overcoming the real thing. Georgia 35, OSU 21.

What To Do After the Peach Bowl

Well, it is probably the New Year or almost the New Year, so party hard. This likely means going on Georgia or Ohio State Twitter and message boards and giving them all the grief and smack they deserve. As your humble OTE OSU representative, I give you full permission to roast me like a hot dog. You may also yell at your kids or dogs about how much OSU and/or Georgia sucks. Afterwards, go to bed. Sleep all day Sunday, then get ready to watch more football on Monday.