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Sunday Morning Coming Down // Touchdowns > Field Goals

And turnovers forced >>> turnovers made.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Purdue vs Michigan Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon. I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

Ten B1G Things

  1. Touchdown for Purdue
  2. Interceptions thrown by Purdue.
  3. Points for a field goal
  4. Aidan O’Connell’s pretty damn tough for a number of reasons—my deepest condolences to him and his family on their unfathomable loss.
  5. Aidan O’Connell the football player threw for 366 yards on 47 attempts, going for no touchdowns—again, we’re told those are important—and 2 interceptions.
  6. The ranking of the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team notably not shown on FOX, which nonetheless devoted part of its halftime show to Nick Saban—head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, again, a team notably not in the Big Ten or the College Football Playoff. I’m rethinking this billion dollar media partnership.
  7. Points for a touchdown + PAT.
  8. Feels like a fancy engineering school oughta teach that to their football coach
  9. Number of consecutive wins by the Big Ten East in the Big Ten Championship Game
  10. Something about Maryland goes here
  11. Gus Johnson deserves to be shot out of a cannon for continuing to try to make “Charlie Sizzle” happen. Stop trying to make “Charlie Sizzle” happen.
  12. Just call him Bryan Hartline and be done with it.
  13. Pretty easy when the card says “give it to Donovan Edwards”
  14. I’ll believe in Michigan when J.J. McCarthy makes those throws against Georgia. Or any non-B1G team outside the Wolverines’ murderers’ row of [/checks notes] Hawai’i, Connecticut, and Colorado State.

Michigan Wolverines 43, Purdue Boilermakers 22

Michigan kept the ball in front of them and dared Purdue to execute in the shoebox that is the red zone. They could not, and Purdue settled for field goals of 33, 45, 43, 27 and 32 yards from Mitchell Fineran. You can find the difference in there.

Boilerman31: What it is. I’m tired and crashing out. Deuces.

BoilerUp89: I had a great time watching my Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten title game. The coaching was inspired, the players fought extremely hard, but when they needed to Michigan’s more talented roster made plays. The trick plays were great to watch.

Purdue outgained Michigan and had as many scoring drives. But unfortunately Purdue isn’t good enough to trade TDs for FGs.

I’m proud of the coaches, players, and fans (who showed up in decent numbers and behaved well) and want to thank all the OTE boiler bots for letting me represent you as a “writer” for another season. There will still be a bowl game - and with it another opportunity to celebrate these players and coaches, but as always I’ll be ever grateful for this year’s team and the effort they put forward to represent my Alma mater. Congratulations to Michigan I guess. Next year Purdue will just have to do run it back to Indy but build the team one brick higher.

Boiler up and thanks for tolerating me.

RockyMtnBlue: Well we played the first half about even against a less-talented team. That was standard this year. Then we came out on fire to start the third quarter. That was standard this year, too. Then it got a little frustrating for a while, but in the end Michigan got a 3 score win. BACK TO BACK TITLES, BABY! (Just exactly as I’ve been predicting all year.)

I’d like to thank God and Dr. Pepper for bringing you this bonus SMCD.

k kid just shat herself byeeeeee