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Oh right, the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State! Michigan! Will either actually win it all?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Right, this happened. But also it’s the week before Finals, and all through the house hell is breaking loose. We had thoughts about it! Kinda!

CFP Semifinal at the Fiesta Bowl

(2) Michigan Wolverines vs (3) TCU Horned Frogs

Dec. 31 | 3pm | ESPN | Mich -7.5 | O/U 59

CFP Semifinal at the Peach Bowl

(1) Georgia Bulldogs vs (4) Ohio State Buckeyes

Dec. 31 | 7pm | ESPN | UGA -6.5 | O/U 61.5

1. Your thoughts?

2. Anyone more deserving who should’ve been here?

3. Preliminary picks?

Kind of...:

  1. Committee got it right. UGa/OSU is interesting. UGa if Michigan, but better (in most ways), but also may be more susceptible to an OSU with time to prepare. A lot will ride on A) OSU’s OL, and B) Knowles’ ability to tighten the defense.
  2. No
  3. Georgia over Michigan for the title.


I said it when the SEC got multiple teams and I’ll repeat it here. No conference should get more than 1 team in a 4 team playoff. Teams only have 3 noncon games and we honestly dont know which conferences are any good. The B1G could legitimately be awful this year and gets two teams because we are awful. And if the CFP is accepting teams that lost by 22 to Michigan at home, then just give Purdue a spot for only losing to Michigan by 21 at a neutral site.


  1. Can’t wait for a 12-team playoff
  2. Not more deserving, but K-State and Utah sure looked good
  3. Georgia over TCU


I am bitter about USC. End.


  1. Hahaha Alabama. I don’t know if OSU “deserves” to be there or not, but I do enjoy seeing Alabama tears. Also, how many times have the SEC teams and Alabama itself gotten the benefit of the doubt? Whine harder and have yourself a weird 75-degree Christmas, you ding dongs.
  2. I’ve really only paid attention to the B1G West this year, so I have nothing of substance that I’m able to add here.
  3. Michigan and Georgia... and what the hell, UM wins it all. Woodwork Wolverines conveniently forget they wanted to fire Harbaugh two years ago, and all of a sudden, RockyMtnBlue is not the only Michigan fan on this site.

Brian Gillis:

I was disappointed too, Zuzu.

But we should have seen this coming. ‘SC played really well this year, and Caleb is special. Downright Mahomesian. But in retrospect, Utah was the worst possible match up for ‘SC. Despite their offensive firepower, they’re soft. Softer than soft. And Utah is tough as nails. Starts with their coach. USC wanted no part of Utah, particularly fighting off blocks, tackling and the like.

But you can’t expect to wash off all of the stink of the Clay Helton era overnight. The future is bright for the Cardinal and Gold.



  3. Michigan over Utah in a real ROSE BOWL