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College Basketball Bet Of The Day: Back By Popular Demand

How long can I keep this streak up?

NCAA Basketball: Indiana - Purdue at Ohio State
The best worst team ever
Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Well, look, I got pimp-slapped by a shorthanded IUPUI splashing threes and getting to the basket at an alarming rate. That should have been the end of it. But several of you asked me to at least see how long I can keep this losing streak up. Remember, I’m a backdoor cover by Minnesota away from going 0-5 since bringing this to OTE.

So for the fifth time in 20 games, IUPUI’s game hit the over. It’s only the 8th time in 22 games for PFW. An alarmingly fast paced first half still had enough miscues to finish with 61 points (needing under 121.5 to win). Even as IUPUI ran into early foul trouble, it took 3 fouls for anyone to sit in the first half. PFW couldn’t pull away, and when I turned on the game I saw IUPUI drop a full court dime for a layup in transition. The half ended with Bakari LaStrap (8ppg) hitting an impossibly beautiful teardrop over a defender from the baseline.

There was still hope, but then the nets underwent an alarming dilation to start the second half as each team just ran down and splashed buckets. I don’t believe a single rim was touched. They scored 23 points in the first four minutes of the second half. Had they played the whole game at that pace, it would have been something like 125-105 PFW.

Anyway, I’m not going to post on Reddit anymore since I’ve lost 8 of my last 10 and also said I wouldn’t. Therefore, I’ll reset to only the stats since this column started on OTE:

Current Stats:

Record: 1-4 | Profit: -11.1U | ROI: -65.6% | Avg Odds: -107.9 | Streak: 4L | Form: WLLLL

Let’s see if I still have the ice cold touch. Please note: to try to preserve it, I am indeed still trying to win, not finding something I like and inverting myself like I’d often do after a streak like this.

Thumpasaurus College Hoops Bet of the Day

Event: Xavier Musketeers vs Connecticut Huskies, 7:00PM EST

Today’s Bet: 3U on UConn Moneyline (-105)

This one is purely based on form; over the whole season, both Sagarin and KenPom like UConn about 2.5-3 points better. That makes this game a toss-up, but UConn is currently a one point dog (and a super fluffy one at that). Both teams put up very similar figures on defense with each allowing 65 per game, but the Huskies defend the perimeter better and have a slight rebounding edge.

UConn scores 5 more points a game than Xavier and does this with proficient offensive rebounding. They have a trio of scorers over 13 points per game in R.J. Cole, Adama Sanogo and Tyrese Martin, and this whole section right here is so that I can mention that the status of forward Akok Akok is still unknown.

Anyway, after a hot start to the season, Xavier has lost four of their last 6 to drop to 6-6 in Big East play. Only one of those losses was by more than four points, but Connecticut has won 5 of their last 7 since a game at Providence was postponed. They’re coming off a home win against Marquette without Akok. They currently sit third in the standings, and if they could whip out Akok tonight, they’ll be able to get fantastic dribble penetration, or whatever.

This is a toss-up but I’m going with the team that has three lead scorers, is in better form and is represented by a doggie.

You depraved people.