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College Basketball Bet Of The Day 2/15: The B1G Feels Like Home

Only a few weeks left in the regular season!

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Maryland
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t see an edge anywhere yesterday, so I took the day off. Nevertheless, we’re back. The streak remains intact.


Record: 1-7 | Profit: -201U | ROI: -77.5% | Avg Odds: -106.5 | Streak: 7L | Form: WLLLLLLL

On Sunday, things look promising for Detroit-Mercy to cover 7.5 points on the road against a struggling Oakland team as the Titans led by 2 at halftime.

In the second half, Oakland’s Jalen Moore finally accepted that he was in a shooting slump and kept feeding Jamal Cain as the Golden Grizzlies took control, winning by 16. Generally, teams have been figuring it out BEFORE the game where I fade them, but in this case Oakland figured it out at halftime.

Let’s get back to the Big Ten.

Thumpasaurus College Hoops Bet Of The Day

Today’s Event: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Wisconsin Badgers, 9:00 PM EST

Today’s Bet: 4U on Wisconsin +3 (-110)

Simply put, Wisconsin’s home loss to Rutgers was a little unnerving, but their recent form is still better than Indiana’s to a great enough extent that +3 is great value.

KenPom and Sagarin both like Wisconsin by less than a point on a neutral floor (although the KenPom difference is 0.98). Wisconsin is of course more balanced with more dependable scoring options (more than...uh...none I suppose?).

Per Sagarin, Indiana’s recent form is 5.5 points worse than Wisconsin’s. They were shorthanded in a loss to Northwestern, but were at full strength before and after that game when they got trucked at home by Illinois and on the road by Michigan State. Wisconsin is still very much alive for the Big Ten title. On the other hand, Miller Kopp continues to start for Indiana , although he did only play 12 minutes against MSU.

Wisconsin hasn’t lost back to back games all year, while Indiana is on a three game losing skid. Badgers should be able to cover, but I don’t even have to lose this bet for them to lose the game.

Tail only if you really think you’re gonna catch the falling knife. I’m down so bad there’s really no sense in continuing this series after my streak is broken.