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Big Ten Bracketology, Monday Open Thread

Purdue or Wisconsin: Can either manage a 2-seed? Big Ten bracketology after upset-laden weekend, plus Monday night hoops: Northwestern heads to Iowa for—oh god just make it quick

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Might be in the early stages of an ulcer, or it might just be the 5 cups of coffee I had today. That, or seeing wisconsin atop the Big Ten standings.

Here are your latest NCAA Tournament and NIT projections, a roundup of what we’re doing at OTE as we slip into March Madness, and an open thread for the surely riveting Iowa-Northwestern basketball game tonight.

Oh hey, there are those stomach pains again.

B1G Bracketology

Worth noting that Lunardi hasn’t fully updated his bracket yet—I’m going off his Top 16 seeds plus his Last Four In section in this tweet. Spoiler: Indiana and Rutgers are above a fire like a spider in a colonial sermon.

  • It’ll be curious to watch Purdue and wisconsin—do you just give the winner of the Big Ten Tournament the 2-seed (assuming it’s one of them) and bump the other to a 3-line?
  • With that win on Sunday, Illinois begins to edge out of the “scarier mid-majors” into the “you’d have to pull a Purdue” mid-majors. Must feel good. Unless you’re Purdue.
  • Quite to the contrary: Ohio State. I’d watch the hell outta them Jackrabbits trying to run on the Buckeyes for 40 minutes—that’s appointment television.
  • Really digging that there’s still such a diversity of opinion about Iowa—should they be above Michigan State? I mean...probably? But also...nah? This isn’t football, Hoks: you don’t only have to play Iowa State then say “Nothing more we can do in the non-conference, guys!”
  • We’re honestly no closer to knowing who of Michigan, Rutgers, and Indiana is actually going to make it, are we. All those words for nothing.
  • Here’s the Big Ten Tournament if the season ended today:

Men’s Basketball on Tonight

Big Ten — Monday, Feb. 28

Northwestern Wildcats at #24 Iowa

7pm | BTN | Iowa -10.5 | O/U 151

Just make it quick.

Conference Tournament: The NEC

Kind of... and I have your previews for all the conference tournament action as we head into the most wonderful time of the year:

Tonight it’s just one game, but OOH is it gonna be assy. Enjoy!

[9] Central Connecticut Blue Devils at [8] Fairly Dickin’, Son Chess Pieces

6pm CT | NEC Front Row | FDU -3.5 | O/U 136

CCSU: 7-23 (5-13), KP 349 | FDU: 4-21 (5-13), KP 346

More in the schedule below, and here’s your open thread for the evening’s hoops. Behave.