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College Basketball Bets Of The Day 2/7: Let’s Put Money On Patriot League Games

How far will you follow me?

NCAA Basketball: Colgate at St. John Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, there’s already a second one. I’m trying to do this every day I find something worth betting, and apparently today even if it’s just barely worth betting.

Last pick: Iowa vs Minnesota 2/6/22, Minnesota +13: CASH.

What a roller coaster. Minnesota was taking it to ‘em early in the second half and had a lead, and suddenly they disintegrated. Then they got it together just in time to pull off a backdoor cover. A win’s a win! If you faded me, make sure to watch Bad Beats on SportsCenter to relive it all.

Updated Stats:

Record: 9-5-1 | Profit: +5.7U | ROI: 14.1% | Avg Odds: -109.9 | Streak: 2W | Last 10: WWWWLLLLWW

I’m betting between 1 and 5 units every time here. Units are not necessarily indicators of confidence, but in cases where the odds are similar they can be treated as such.

Thumpasaurus College Basketball Bet of the Day

Today’s Event: Colgate Raiders vs. Holy Cross Crusaders, 6:00PM EST (9 hours from now)

Today’s Bet: 1 unit on Holy Cross +17.5 (-110)

It’s back to the Patriot League for another Holy Cross bet, this time in the other direction. Colgate has been a cover machine, winning 4 of 5 and covering in three of them. The Raiders are the best team in the Patriot League, but not by an overwhelming margin.

Colgate is hot, but Holy Cross, after starting 1-15 against D1 competition, is having a renaissance. They’ve won three in a row including their last two on the road, and all have been against teams in the top half of the league. Their win at Boston is particularly notable in this case because Boston knocked off Colgate a week and a half ago, as a testament to the caliber of team Holy Cross has beaten lately. They’ve simply been shooting much better than their season average and taking better care of the ball.

Sagarin projects a 16.5 point Colgate win, while Sagarin’s Recent Form component predicts a 14 point Colgate win. Those are within the 17.5 point boundary.

May the ghost of Bill Carmody guide the hands of the Crusaders.

Bottom Line: I expect Colgate to win, but 17.5 is a lot considering how Holy Cross has played in their last three games. Only 1U because three games isn’t a very big sample size and Colgate is still vastly better.

Don’t worry. There’s still time for more Horizon League shenanigans this year.SOuth

BoilerBettor’s College Basketball Pick o’ the Day

O hai. It me. BoilerBettor. Been awhile. How’s it goin’? Thump knew I was a hopeless degenerate and asked me to come along for the ride. So, without any ado whatsoever...

Today’s Event: Temple Owls at South Florida Bulls, 7:00PM EST

Today’s Bet: 1.1 Units - Temple -4 (-110)

Ye olde slate today offers several tricky spots with many low/mid majors using this weekend to play catchup and many teams playing 3 games over 5 days. This for the most part kept me out of those matchups as tired legs are tricky to handicap. I also tend to avoid back-to-back matchups which are occurring due to Covid rescheduling spots. All that aside, I look to the ‘Murican for today’s pick. Temple has been on a tear recently going 5-0 ATS. Normally, that would be cause for concern as the lines would start to inflate. That said, this line opened -3.5 and has already been bet up to 4. I think the books are putting too much value in the KP number and haven’t adjusted properly yet as I made the line 6. I’m taking the Owls and laying the points. BOL today.

Here’s the full Bet of the Day sheet, now with TWO of us!