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Big Ten Men’s Basketball Midweek Previews, Open Thread

Can Purdue save us from the darkest timeline?

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

A little late, but all you’ve missed is the first quarter or so of Nebraska-OSU. So no harm, no foul.

Want to know what’s at stake this week? Want to know what conference tournaments to watch? Want to walk down memory lane and review the best 20 teams never to win a national title since the Big Ten last won one? Well, there’s lots of #content on the main page JUST for you.

Yes, you.

So give it a click, won’t you?


OK, see if I care. Previews and open thread below.

Tuesday, March 1

Nebraska Cornhuskers at #23 Ohio State Buckeyes

6pm | BTN | OSU -15 | O/U 150

MaximumSam: Buckeyes probably without Zed Key tonight for this game which has almost no upside and enormous downside for the Buckeyes, while Nebraska actually has shown a pulse lately. They are 2-4 in their last six B1G games, a downright runaway train.

Michigan State Spartans at Michigan Wolverines

7:30pm | FS1 | Mich -4.5 | O/U 144

MaximumSam: What kind of dumbass start time is this? I suppose I’ll take it because I’m old and can barely get to 10 pm (eastern time, the one true time zone). Michigan is playing for its tourney life every night - makes for an interesting game against the continually perplexing Spartans. I look for Juwan Howard to be up in the rafters dressed like Crow-era Sting, carrying a baseball bat and pointing it at Izzo whenever he puts in subs.

#8 Purdue Boilermakers at #10 Wisconsin Badgers

8pm | ESPN | Purdue -3 | O/U 144

Kind of...: I mean, yeah, I’m as capable of being as petty as anybody else, so it would be nice to win the B1G outright. But honestly, given how much UW has exceeded expectations this year, if you guarantee me right now that UW would lose to Purdue, but beat Nebraska and end up with a shared title, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Fucking awesome.

So, with that sort of “house money” feeling, my preview is as follows: Purdue, if they are smart, will do what they did the first game and just pound the ball in to Edey. Odds are Johnny Davis doesn’t go for 37 again, and Purdue has a good chance at winning.

If UW wins, it will probably be because Purdue continues to be indifferent on defense and/or Steven Crowl shows considerable improvement as a defender compared to January (he’s better, but “considerably”?), and/or Brad Davison goes off from 3 and/or Johnny Davis truly is superhuman. However, Vegas has seen Purdue all year, and they have the Boilers as a road favorite. Again, house money tonight.

BoilerUp89: Wisconsin is going to win at least a share of the title because Nebraska exists. This fact personally offends me because Brad Davison exists and his style of play dirty playing style is offensive to those who enjoy good, competitive basketball and who are opposed to tripping, swinging elbows at star players guts, intentional hook and holds, or generally anything that Davison is doing regularly. I’m don’t have anything against wisconsin basketball in general - and I always respected the hell out of Bo Ryan - but the current 6th year player for the Badgers just pisses me off.

As a result, I’m hoping Purdue can make sure it’s only a share for the Badgers tonight, but I’m not optimistic as this Boilermakers team just doesn’t seem to have whatever “it” is. Maybe “it” is defense or maybe “it” is winning tough games. I don’t know and I hope I’m wrong for the sake of 12? (at least 5 with Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, OSU, and Purdue) fanbases, but I just don’t have that feeling. Guess that’s why they play the games though.

Wednesday, March 2

Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Indiana Hoosiers

6pm | BTN | Line, O/U TBD

Minnesota Gophers at Maryland Terrapins

8pm | BTN | Line, O/U TBD

Thursday, March 3

Penn State Nittany Lions at #20 Illinois Fighting Illini

6pm | FS1 | Illinois -12.5, O/U 132.5

misdreavus79: At least losing by 23 to Illinois is not going to be considered an embarrassment by any stretch of the imagination...

...and yes, I’m aware Nebraska went and beat Ohio State on the road on Tuesday. Still.

Michigan State at #23 Ohio State

6pm | ESPN | Line, O/U TBD

MaximumSam: Buckeyes have been a pile of manure the last two games. Kyle Young and Zed Key may both miss tonight. Buckeyes looking to pull guys out of the stands to play tonight if they are both out.

#24 Iowa Hawkeyes at Michigan

8pm | FS1 | Line, O/U TBD

More to come. Enjoy the games.