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Join the Off Tackle Empire Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenges!

I’s all right there in the title. What more do you need?

Oh boy, it’s about time for the NCAA Tournament, which means it’s time for the annual exercise in futility that is the OTE Bracket Challenge. (I assume Stew will be along soon to tell you which Iowa fan won the Big Ten Tournament Pick’em Challenge.)

We’ll do both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tournaments this year! Both links are below.

Men’s Bracket Challenge

Women’s Bracket Challenge

You might be thinking “But I don’t even know what to expect in this tournament”—we’ve got our Women’s Bracket reactions coming later today!

Usual rules, etc., apply: the winner of each competition (assuming it’s not something like “$$$ CASHBETS.COM $$$” like it was last year) gets front-page editorial space here to write whatever the hell they want, as long as it passes the low, low editorial standards we have here.

That means, potentially, TWO just horrible front-page editorials. Aren’t we lucky.

As always, thanks for making Off Tackle Empire one of your homes for college sports. We appreciate you.