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Blocking Chargecast Previews the Sweet Sixteen and Asks What Happened To The Other Seven

Yet another poor showing by the Big Ten!


Yep, we talked about it.

The Big Ten, as you may have heard, entered nine teams in the tournament. There are two remaining.

  • How far can Michigan realistically go? How far can they unrealistically go?
  • Is anyone really surprised that Purdue is one of the two teams still alive in the tournament?
  • How long can we laugh at Kentucky before we have to discuss our own teams?
  • Some Maryland coaching search updates for some reason
  • I barf and give Iowa credit for actually winning something this year, then barf again
  • In retrospect, how did Purdue let Wisconsin and Illinois win the conference?
  • Does Almost Beating Duke mean Tom Izzo is back?
  • What makes a good tournament coach? Is Chris Holtmann one?
  • Who among us actually knows anything? Does anyone have any idea what the NBA is looking for anymore, or are we as fatally flawed as nearly every Big Ten team that entered the NCAA tournament?

All this and more! I pour a Malort & tonic in the middle of this one.