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Purdue Fans Set Their Out-Of-Office Message

What a train wreck.

Syndication: The Record William Bretzger-The Record / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well, it happened.

After 11-seeded Michigan lost to 2-seed Villanova, Purdue finished off the Big Ten’s appearance in the 2022 NCAA Tournament:

[15] Saint Peter’s Peacocks 67, [3] Purdue Boilermakers 64

The Peacocks advance to play North Carolina in the Elite Eight, because of course the 8-seed Tar Heels get a gift-wrapped track to the Final Four.

Anything to say for yourself, Purdue?

BoilerUp89: Don’t worry, I’ll read all your messages when I come back.

Here’s my reaction for you to use in whatever recap article gets put together: Well, it happened again. The team went and did everything I said they shouldn’t do if they wanted to win this game. It’s a disappointing end to a disappointing season. Life just be that way sometimes. Congrats to St. Peters — go win it all.

Stewmonkey13: Iowa didn’t lose to the worst team!

He was a high school quarterback: Because they couldn’t play Iowa.

misdreavus79: What sports do to us…

Michigan recap coming later today from Brian Gillis. In the meantime, BoilerFanXX, set your out-of-office message here, please.